4 Rocket Base Angara Construction

Rocket Base Angara Construction

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Plesetsk Cosmodrome is a spaceport, located in the Arkhangelsk Region. It was originally developed by the Soviet Union as a launch site for intercontinental ballistic missiles. On January 11, 1957 the Soviet Government passed the resolution about the foundation of a special military object with secret name ‘Angara’. This secret object had to be situated in Plesetsk District, the Arhangelsk Region. It was named after the town of Plesetsk. The first Soviet Combat formation of intercontinental ballistic missiles R-7 of General designer Koroljev had to be located in that place, in thick northern taiga to the south of Arhangelsk.

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March 17, 1966, was the space birthday of Plesetsk. That day was the first missile launching of the rocket booster Vostok with space vehicle Cosmos 112. Since that time the rocket base Angara has become cosmodrome Plesetsk.


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4 Responses to “Rocket Base Angara Construction”

  1. (r)evolutionist says:

    While Russia invests in science and space, the U.S. is splintered bickering over teaching creationism/alternatives to evolution and praying in public schools as science budgets get slashed (and burned).

    • Gektor says:

      and too many people are making a much bigger deal of it than it really is.

      Religious nut-jobs exist in most countries, including yours, mine, and probably that other stupid one.

      And BTW, while yes, Russia is catching up in science and space, the US isn’t by any means behind the world. Go into Google news search and type MIT for example.

      • (r)evolutionist says:

        The difference is that the religious “nut-jobs” are on the State Boards of Education here in the States (Texas, Kansas, etc.) while in Russia the separation between Church and State is clear. In the U.S. it’s increasingly blurred as to disappear such as here in the Christian Theocracy of Texas.

  2. abba says:

    well i m not to sure about state/ church separation in Russia. Religion isnt an issue in Rusia because the Church is historicaly strongly connected with the state. that was true even in soviet times.

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