3 Perfect Place For Paintball

Perfect Place For Paintball

Posted on December 19, 2011 by

Millions invested in military units construction went to paintball fans who could find no better place for their game than this.

We are at one of the abandoned military units in Sevastopol, Ukraine.

This bench saw a lot of mothers waiting for their sons to come out on leave.

‘Entrance is prohibited’.


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3 Responses to “Perfect Place For Paintball”

  1. 山下智久 says:

    why is this so? sad!

    • Number says:

      This don’t look sad,it looks great,a place where people lived in the past,and now the area looks so peaceful and quiet,u can build there great holiday camps.
      i’l come and visit.
      Nice pictures.

  2. scud-werfer says:

    get out of here STALKER

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