26 Gopnik, A Recently Appeared Class

Gopnik, A Recently Appeared Class

Posted on December 18, 2011 by

The term ‘gopnik’ is slang used in Russia to describe a stereotypical class of young males and since recently females up to 30 years old found in Russia and post-Soviet countries, characterized by aggressive behavior, specifically towards the weak, predilection to the criminal subculture, abuse of alcohol beverages (specifically beer, vodka and “Jaguar” cocktail) and specific fashion preferences. Take a look at the photos.


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26 Responses to “Gopnik, A Recently Appeared Class”

  1. * says:

    Just so many tolbajobs

  2. perristalsis says:

    Not so new to parents down through the centuries, they know them as “bums”.

  3. Sean says:

    They are very much like british chavs…. same look, same manners, actually, pretty much the same.

  4. ABB says:

    Russian chavs

    • Marg says:

      Exactly. They’re just chavs. In the US, they’re white trash. In Australia, they’re bogans. The under-educated and morally-stifled who find legitimacy in their lifestyle via daytime TV and contemporary civil rights advocacy.

  5. Cro says:

    Send them all to army, for lets say, 3 years maybe?
    Its clear that they have to much enery and agression, perfect for cannon meat ;)

    • George Johnson says:

      The army won’t want them. Are these the people you want protecting your country? The people with guns? The people with rockets? Then when they get out, they’re no better, but they’re trained to be MILITARY thugs now.
      Yeah, great idea…

    • Tovarich_Volk says:

      This won’t work as it appears as if the Russian Army is basically more of the same. –Do a search on ‘Dedovshchina’.

    • jeffrey pigden says:

      Just what the army needs, thousands of useless conscripts!

  6. DouglasU says:

    many girls like these types…I can’t say why, on this site

    • George Johnson says:

      Yep. And most people find that very hard to believe too. They just like the bad boys. Most people think those “sweet little girls” would never go for such bad boys. But they love it.

  7. aezakmi42 says:

    Still better than Australia’s ‘bogans’, I think. Although of course, I’m biased to hate bogans!

  8. JZ says:

    This was quite popular in the 90s in most of ex-USSR countries, when many young people thougth that criminals were cool.

  9. YJ says:

    Their only fashion sense is Adidas and their diet only consists of sunflower seeds and alcohol.

  10. Just goes to show that Russia has it’s share of punks and attention seekers as does every other country in the world.

  11. VladimirIlyich says:

    They clearly need some treatment in a real soviet GULAG!
    Beating up the weak, how antisocial is that? Comrade Stalin would have shot those ugly creatures in an instant! Now Medvedev must do that.
    Bring back old Soviet Law & Order!

  12. max says:


    Russia will have to deal with these gopniki in the future one way or the other…Rehabilitation maybe? I’m going to assume they will just be forcefully recruited into the army, as cannon fodder for a war in the future.

  13. zx10R says:

    gopnik – poor, uneducated, aggressive, dirty & smelly child

  14. w says:

    They are just youths. Most will grow old and wise just like us.

  15. aaa says:

    Orange Clockwork

  16. Dorothy says:

    The same with chavs in UK. There are people like this in every country.

  17. shaunot says:

    it’s a disgrace to turn your back on white working class men. Who will you run to fill the police and when you want something fixed (engineers) etc. Are we just to import aliens to “replace” members of domestic society because they smoke and drink in the street once in a blue moon? if they do not have secondary education and driving licence at 18 it is simple: blame the teachers, the parents, the politicians and the social engineers controlling the country (porn, drugs, oligarchy,immigration = demoralisation).

  18. javox says:

    naaa teell me this is a joke, one of the pic the guy who is drinkin uvita, its the cheapest wine in argentina hahaha sooo funny i didnt know we export that can of wine to russia =)

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