5 Samoyed Dogs, Our Best Friends

Samoyed Dogs, Our Best Friends

Posted on December 16, 2011 by

The white Samoyed dog which resembles both a white bear and a wolf, appeared in Siberia many centuries ago to become a good friend to nomadic Samoyede people.

This breed is considered to be one of the oldest and was named after people living in the northern parts of Russia and Siberia. Nomadic tribes needed animals to carry loads, pasture deer and warm them up when it’s freezing and it was the Samoyed dog which became their four-legged friends and helpers.


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5 Responses to “Samoyed Dogs, Our Best Friends”

  1. Mr. Fox says:

    Thanks to good information. I saw adult Samoyed once. He(or she) was very big an hairy!

  2. Tovarich_Volk says:

    Sammy’s are great dogs provided that you can deal with the MASSIVE amounts of shedding during shedding season, and the fact that almost anything will set them off in a flurry of barking. –Out of all the dogs that I have been around, Sammy’s barked the most, at anything and everything.

  3. Mariel says:

    Lovely puppies!!!!

  4. PawsPetBeds says:

    What an gorgeous breed!

  5. EditS says:

    They are one of my favourite breed , but because I am living in a hot country, I only can admiring them ;-((

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