3 Show Me Your Day! Part II

Show Me Your Day! Part II

Posted on December 15, 2011 by team

Some more people are presenting their days at mysampleday.com. And while you still don’t dare to describe yours, look how others live.

Katya from Kiev shows how snapling instructors live in Israel, tight at the Dead Sea. If you like cycling, hiking, rock climbing, downhill skiing, etc. you’ll probably enjoy one very active day.

Charming Alexandra shows a bit of luxury from Moscow. Beautiful decorations, expensive things… how is it being near all that?


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3 Responses to “Show Me Your Day! Part II”

  1. VladimirIlyich says:

    Nice idea! But most of them seem to be from Russia/ex soviet countries.
    I expected many american stories, since ENGLISH Russia is obviously targeting an english-speaking audience…

  2. robin yates says:

    I am English and I look at this site because I want to know more about Russia. Why should I expect to see American stories???

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