22 History And Cosmonautics Museum

History And Cosmonautics Museum

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Military Academy of Strategic Rocket Forces located in Moscow is one of the best institutes of higher military and technical education and a large research institute in Russia.

Today, its museum opened its doors, so let’s go in!

The building where the academy is situated, is the largest building built before the revolution (it’s 379 m long) and an architectural monument of the 18th – the 19th century.

The museum of the academy tells its visitors about the history of the academy and its employees and graduates.

A rockets control panel.

These keys had to be turned synchronously by two officers.

A giant globe.

In the academy, there is a large collection of literature a lot of museums ‘would kill for’. The oldest book here is ‘About Military Service’ and it was published in 1484! The collection also has the first book on military science which was released in 1649.

In the background there is a combustion chamber of the first Soviet ballistic rocket.

This calculation device was made in the 60s.


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22 Responses to “History And Cosmonautics Museum”

  1. Hirsh says:

    How much money did the communists waist on this junk

    • Robert says:

      why do you waste your time on internet, instead of going back in your cave?

    • Sean says:

      Your political agenda is tiring and utterly boring. How much money US spends on all the junk in space, the military flying and wheeled junk, how much money Americans and EU spend on all the food junk, electronic junk, how much people spend on all the Ivy League junky education? So primitive mind and russophobia of yours makes you blind, you cannot just appreciate achievements. Pity you.

      • Hirsh says:

        Pity you, you just got played for a fool by some jokester. :) Rather boring comeback i might add. You can do better if you try.

      • IamBJC says:

        AMEN TO THAT. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with EVERYTHING you just said here. It really IS sad when a person cannot even simply appreciate the achievements made for they are regardless of who made them. Let’s not forget that the Soviets were FAR ahead of us in the space race back then, so THIS stuff was stuff that was BEYOND OUR CAPABILITY AT THE TIME! So, please, TELL ME how this is “JUNK”! It may be NOW because of how far technology has come but it sure as hell wasn’t junk back when it was used! This is some truly interesting stuff. You would be VERY hard pressed to see even HALF of America’s equivalent in any museum. What a FASCINATING experience I had looking this over. Do you EVER, in a MILLION YEARS think you will *EVER* see an AMERICAN nuclear trigger? HELL NO! This is the first time I’ve EVER seen something like that and it is simply FASCINATING.

    • Tosh says:

      much less than the US already spent on the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the search for bin ladden.

    • Gabby says:

      Waist of the communists alright.

    • SMERSH says:

      At least Russia still has a manned space program…

    • Hirsh says:

      Comment was made by a different Hirsh, but whatever. Not like i care what most you think anyway. :) :) :)

      This is not junk. It’s money well spent, whatever country is funding it.

  2. Mr. Fox says:

    ‘Experimental laser guns’

    many people think this is just rummor. but It’s real!!! Can you tell me name of that gun?

  3. Opa-Ages says:

    It’s obviously a small calibre pistol of some sort

  4. JC says:

    Can anyone tell me exactly where this is? It’s a long way from London to travel without knowing for sure!


  5. Steamed McQueen says:

    Great stuff. Interesting that this should post today as it has just been reported that the Boris Chertok, the designer of Sputnik passed away at the age of 99.

  6. moo says:

    I like the control panel with the globe on it. It is certainly very ingenuous for the time period.

  7. JP says:

    The one that is taken apart looks as if it has one of those electronic lighter devices to power it (piezo igniter)

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Experimental laser guns for aliens..” used in the Russian movie “Commies and Aliens.”

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