2 Hermitagniki. Dreaming Walls. By Lyutsia Ganieva

Hermitagniki. Dreaming Walls. By Lyutsia Ganieva

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Check out a photo collection by Lyutsia Ganieva. It is called ‘Hermitagniki. Dreaming Walls’ and depicts workers of the Hermitage, Saint Petersburg. Maybe, you will guess why she chose those very paintings for the background.


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2 Responses to “Hermitagniki. Dreaming Walls. By Lyutsia Ganieva”

  1. Steamed McQueen says:

    My initial guess was that the photographer chose those paintings because they bear a resemblance to the workers.

    After some thought I came to the conclusion that these are the paintings that are in the respective rooms that each of these women guard with a ferocity that would give the old KGB pause.

    Seriously, these women’s ONLY job is to make sure you don’t touch anything. I’ve met some of them and they aren’t particularly friendly.

  2. allyako says:

    they do have a resemblance

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