6 First House Of Architect Totan Kuzembaev

First House Of Architect Totan Kuzembaev

Posted on December 14, 2011 by

Totan Kuzembaev is one of the best Russian architects. This house was built according to his architectural design in 2002 in Lianozovo, Moscow.


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6 Responses to “First House Of Architect Totan Kuzembaev”

  1. CZenda says:

    No eaves? Now, that is a strike of genius. I am sure the first person who breaks his/her leg on the frozen rainwater will just applaud the architect.

  2. alcanal says:

    Some nasty looking brick work.

  3. Alkofunker says:

    What an ugly piece of architecture! He is hardly one of the best architects.

  4. Papa Karlo says:

    Entrance looks like a light bulb.
    It is not brick, it’s something like copper panels, that’s why there are no eaves, don’t need them. A whole house wrapped in copper!

  5. Papa Karlo says:

    The whole area must be fenced off and heavily guarded, or this copper would be ripped off and taken away in several days.

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