4 A Second Boeing 777-300 Of The Transaero

A Second Boeing 777-300 Of The Transaero

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4 Responses to “A Second Boeing 777-300 Of The Transaero”

  1. David says:

    Great airplane. But I don’t think an EI registration means that they bought this plane. It’s also an Ex Singapore Airlines -300

  2. jeffrey pigden says:

    Interesting, only 3 russian built planes.

  3. mukmika says:

    A great aircraft, but I still prefer four engines. My favourite Boeing was the old 707.

  4. mxrz says:

    Yes, ex Singapore Airlines plane, retrofitted with a Lumexis fiber optic based Inflight Entertainment System and AVIO Interiors seats for all classes. More 777s like this are being modified in Singapore right now, for Transaero.

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