4 A Second Boeing 777-300 Of The Transaero

A Second Boeing 777-300 Of The Transaero

Posted on December 14, 2011 by

OJSC Transaero Airlines has purchased another Boeing 777-300 and now there are two aircrafts of this type in its fleet.

‘Congratulations to Transaero Airlines’.

On Novemvber, 5th, the company celebrated the 20th anniversary of its first flight.

The Transaero fleet includes 73 aircrafts: 21 Boeing 747, 9 Boeing 777, 13 Boeing 767, 27 Boeing 737 and 3 Tu-214.


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4 Responses to “A Second Boeing 777-300 Of The Transaero”

  1. David says:

    Great airplane. But I don’t think an EI registration means that they bought this plane. It’s also an Ex Singapore Airlines -300

  2. jeffrey pigden says:

    Interesting, only 3 russian built planes.

  3. mukmika says:

    A great aircraft, but I still prefer four engines. My favourite Boeing was the old 707.

  4. mxrz says:

    Yes, ex Singapore Airlines plane, retrofitted with a Lumexis fiber optic based Inflight Entertainment System and AVIO Interiors seats for all classes. More 777s like this are being modified in Singapore right now, for Transaero.

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