15 You Are In The Army Now

You Are In The Army Now

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Each man in Russia may face this. Military service. But this is not a regular army, this is a joint project of Ministry of Defence and Mayak radio station where 14 volunteers will join Russian Armed Forces for a period of 7 days and do what other soldiers in this country do: march, shoot, drive tanks, etc. There will no harassment of younger soldiers in this army either because they are all equal. So, this is day number one. Recruits have come to the assembly point.

‘Assembly point of the city of Moscow.’

Trying on their uniform.

As an exception, they were allowed to leave their haircuts as they were.

After that, they headed to the base where they received thier packed meals.

They’re exited to see what’s going to happen next!

Instructions on how to do the bed. Look how narrow it is!


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15 Responses to “You Are In The Army Now”

  1. Verto says:

    “The way to eat your food,reflects the level of your culture”! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.it’s depend upon the quality of food ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Testicules says:

    I believe this site posted an article about the Russian army feeding it’s soldiers dog food. Apparently there was some skimming going on.

  3. schtuka says:

    Yeah, I remember the frozen meet with ink stamp 1952 I picked up at warehouse as a soldier in 1986. My homey sergeant use to grab 2 gray gelatinous pieces of “meet”, ram them at each other and yell:”This meet was screwing at some point!” Ahhhh, the good old Soviet Army.

  4. yojimbo says:

    What is the point of this nonsense? I find these “army for a day” gigs to be a joke and an insult.Some scaly wag punk shows up and he does not have to go through what a true raw recruit goes through and he think she lives life a military man.What ever.

    No matter what country you come from or what from of service they use this kind of stunt is highly insulting.A week playing is nothing like living your life 24 hours a day in a real military away from your family and friends spending the holidays thousands of miles away from your family (assuming you are not on duty during the holiday).

    My cousin once tried to tell me that being in a college Fraternity was like serving in the military I laughed for 10 minutes straight.

    I would love to see these clowns face a real Russian Drill instructor for just one day.

    • yojimbo says:

      Sorry, Scally wag is an old Southern term for a person from the South who supported the Union during the Civil War.
      In other words a rascal.

    • asd says:

      “I would love to see these clowns face a real Russian Drill instructor for just one day.”

      They would survive it, just like you did (assuming from your text). Anyone can survive basic army, because traning is very thorough and basic.

      • ayaa says:

        You wouldn’t survive Russian training easily. The manual is designed from scratch to be brutal. To break you over and over and over again, until you cannot be broken any more.

        • asd says:

          Sounds nonsense, unless you’re talking about special units for which that is probably true. Breaking you over and over isn’t how conscription works, that is, when talking about training such as weapon handling, and basic drill formations in drill practice. If running and standing in attention is “tough” for you then lol.

          • ayaa says:

            Lol. Jokes on you if you are gonna teach me about the russian army.

            That’s how Russian conscription works, why do you think many young men try to avoid being drafted in the first place.

            • asd says:

              It’s not like I’m teaching you about the Russian army.. sure enough you know better what it is than me. But what I think is obvious is that it’s one of the few things you’ve achieved in your life, and you still haven’t moved on. How long was your service? A year? Or were you conscripted when it was longer? Needless to say most people survive it and move on with their life. These silly 7 day “get used to army” things offending you only show how big of a deal you think you are, being part of the Russian reserve.

              Gotta love the “dislikes” on my comment. “Look at that noob, he’s talking back to the big man! *click* I’ll dislike, that’ll show him!”

              • ayaa says:

                Funny. I joined the army in April 2001. Back then the mandatory service term was two years. So that should mean I should have left in April 2003, right. Guess what. I left, in September 2008. Thats SEVEN years. I didn’t just survive my draft term and then move on. I STAYED ON.

                How long did you serve, (self-proclaimed) noob?

  5. USSR says:

    Poteshniye Voyska…LOL

  6. tommo says:

    you’d think they’d have issued new belts by now?

  7. regulator says:

    But they have Macs and AKG headphones.

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