6 How Swimming Pools Are Built?

How Swimming Pools Are Built?

Posted on December 13, 2011 by

Today we’re going to build a school swimming pool! Let’s begin!

The construction site.


Reinforcing, concreting… several months of hard work.

6 months later, a new building appears.

There are three pools in the building, one for juniors and one for seniors.

And a paddling pool for little kids.

There are all kinds of dressing rooms and shower rooms for boys and girls in the building.

Blue for boys and yellow for girls.

Now, let’s see what lies behind all that. These are compensating tanks designed to lighten the water piping load.


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6 Responses to “How Swimming Pools Are Built?”

  1. xmz says:

    What’s soo interesting with this swimming pool ???

  2. asd says:

    just nice to see a bit of how everyday stuff we take for granted is built. also with so much negative stuff coming from russia, this blog is a good reminder of the small but good things too.

  3. zx10R says:

    looks cheap and crappy :/

    • CBEH says:

      No, I am very familiar with pool industry. This pool is built very well, has large filters to clean the water in addition to an Ultraviolet anti-microbial system. I see two items that are of concern however. The first, is the use of cast iron pipe. This is a very poor choice for pool water, pool water has electrolysis which corrodes iron quickly creating leaks. The second item is earth ground wire at pool pumps! Very important to earth ground all pool pump motors.

      • Igor says:

        Me too.
        Where you see ductile iron pipes?
        The only one i see is drainage pipes that can be made of ductile iron.
        I see some grounding wires, probably all groundings can’t be seen.

        First picture:
        Air ducts shoud be epoxy coated inside and out.
        Only Zink protection is not enough.
        Reason is, as you know, clorine environment .

  4. LovesFLSun says:

    Looks like a pool I’d love to swim in, but the commute from Florida would be a killer!!

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