2 Responsible For Trinity Bridge, St. Petersburg

Responsible For Trinity Bridge, St. Petersburg

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Trinity Bridge is a bascule bridge across the Neva in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It connects Kamennoostrovsky Prospect with Suvorovskaya Square. It was the third permanent bridge across the Neva, opened in 1903. It is 582 meters (1,909 ft) long and 23.6 meters (77 ft) wide. Its service personnel consists of 8 people.

Senior mechanic Igor.

A workplace of mechanics. Those are portable radio transmitters to stay in touch with each other.

An observation panel.

This is a control panel.

A room inside of the bridge, a repair shop.

A trench.

A top view of the trench.

Generators and pumps.

One of the hydraulic cylinders raising the bridge.

Under the bridge.

They are on duty, as usual.

Location: St. Petersburg

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2 Responses to “Responsible For Trinity Bridge, St. Petersburg”

  1. Verto says:

    Glad to see another “Un abandoned” working facility in Russia ! ! ! ! !

  2. Eileifr smith says:

    It is very Huge and Anciet Built Bridge.There are many Vehicle running in the Bridge.

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