21 What It Is Like To Be A Sniper

What It Is Like To Be A Sniper

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By 2016, they plan to finish training and staffing an effective sniper force as a part of Russian land forces. After that, all snipers will be additionally trained 3 to 4 times a year according to programs that include: counter sniper training, shooting training, working in pairs, etc.

This time we are going to show you how they train snipers, why snipers must pass psychological tests and if they are prepared enough to provide medical assistance to their wounded partner.

Snipers are provided with different types of rifles due to the wide spectrum of tasks set. Besides, each soldier is given an individual weapon, a handgun. Individual and group equipment includes: a sniper set,  uniform, binocular, laser reconnaissance device and other devices.

Psychological testing consists in completing a questionnaire which lets the psychologist divide all snipers tested into four groups. Only two groups permit snipers to keep on training and have access to sniper weapons.

After that, the psychologist watches each sniper individually and, if necessary, holds special training with the sniper to improve performance (for example his determination). If correction is impossible, the sniper gets discharged from the service.

The snipers should be able to make prompt decisions and establish priorities, be determined, brave, and self-possessed.

Sergeant Velmatkin. After demobilization, he decided to return to the army and become a sniper. And he succeeded.

Snipers should be able to make a camouflage suit by material at hand by themselves. Of course, they could buy one in a specialized store but, according to the officers, they all need additional work and moreover, they are not that cheap. Each suit costs approximately 200$ which is rather expensive for a contract sergeant.


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21 Responses to “What It Is Like To Be A Sniper”

  1. geoff says:

    They are obviously very tough, skilled and determined men.

    The psychological testing is probably a very important aspect of their training. They must be able to fire at an enemy from what must seem to be close range through their telescopic site, and that enemy might not be firing back at the time. A hard thing to do I think, and the risk is letting your side down. Different if an enemy would be shooting at you, then it would be clear cut, kill or be killed…………Or am I completely wrong.

    • ayaa says:

      No, you are right.

      But the most important part of marksmanship training, is judging when to fire. If a complete amateur picked up a sniper, looked through the scope, and so a enemy soldier, his first instinct would be to squeeze the trigger.

      But he might not know (at the moment), that in doing so he might have just given himself away for the enemy to return fire. Or that the enemy soldier might actually have been a dummy, set up by an enemy sniper to draw fire (thus giving himself away).

      There are so many factors to contemplate before the actual shot, that the actual process of holding your breath and squeezing the trigger is just the final 90% of the job.

      • yojimbo says:

        One thing many people do not realize about snipers is that killing is very personal for them they can thanks to optics see the face of the person they are about to kill most soldiers they my fire weapons at the enemy but most of the time they only see a human from a distance often you may never know for sure if you killed someone or not or at least you often will not know if it was your bullets or anothers that hit because regular troops tend to fight using massed fire against an enemy target.

        A sniper must also have very good discipline and patience many times their job is as much about observing as it is killing.

        I know my father he was a LRRP with MACV in Vietnam.A member of his unit went through sniper training and passed with flying colors but he only killed one enemy solider after that he said that he just could not kill a person that he could see so closely so he went back to being a regular recon.

        • ayaa says:

          One of my seniors (a training instructor), was a veteran from Afghanistan. He has atleast 8 confirmed sniper kills to his name.

          But he never had any problems killing anyone. Guess is all boils down to individual personality.

        • Matlok says:

          That’s cool about your Dad, yojimbo! I used to work with a guy that had been a LRRP. They were some bad dudes!

    • req says:

      The only thing a sniper feels when killing is recoil.

    • Matlok says:

      You are right, geoff. Not everyone is cut out for that.Have you read any of the books on snipers? they make for good reading, especially some of the accounts of the soviet female snipers like Lyudmila Pavlichenko, or Roza Shanina. or even sniper stories from the American civil war.

    • johnny says:

      no, you are not wrong. snipers are in a different position because their doing is not really self defense and so more likely to cause psychological problems.

    • EngrishBob says:

      Nope, you’re pretty close.

  2. George Johnson says:

    At that range, that’s not very good shooting. I don’t know if they’re just starting out, or it’s the rifles they’re using.

    But seriously, at that range, every single shot should be in at least the “8” ring. If that had been a body standing there, a lot of those shots would be complete misses, not even a wound.

    What is that, 100 meters? About three hundred yards? That’s nothing.

    At 100 yards, I shoot a little .17, at dime sized objects, about the size of your thumb print or smaller. And pop it almost every single time (wind plays hell with it).

    This being only three times that distance, and a helluva better rifle, every shot should be dead on.

    • ayaa says:

      At what range? Where did you get the figure of 100 metres?

    • yojimbo says:

      You sound like you shoot in that class where you use a .22 or .17 or other small caliber rifle and the largest target is 25meters the mid size target is 50meters and the farthest and smallest target is 100 meters away.

      If so I am surprised that you expect such perfection.Here is some news every record breaking range sniper kill more than one round was fired to get the kill.The reason is because at such great ranges 1,500 meters plus way past the max range for a Dragnov the bullet has slowed to subsonic speeds and the intended target will likely not even hear the bullets that miss.

  3. Tovarich_Volk says:

    Why is it that the Dragunov was adopted as a sniper rifle? –It would seem that further developing the old Nagant design, (heavier/longer barrels, differant chambering for more powerful rounds than the 7.62×54, differant stock, etc) would yield a sniper rifle with greater range and accuracy than the Dragunov.

    • ayaa says:

      No not really. The Mosins are great for what is today, short and mid-range shots, but are relatively hopeless at longer ranges.

      Plus, the Dragunov, in the right hands is a far more accurate rifle (atleast for military use, if you were going hunting a Mosin is good).

  4. Muzzlehatch says:

    That’s a bad head wound, Tovarich. I’m afraid it’ll have to come off.

  5. Mohad says:

    about sniping you need just the first shot to kill then you’ll look for the second ,third, fourth ,…etc.
    it’ll be a habit

  6. Pandora says:

    Thak you For Your Information For You!

  7. harrison sibandika says:


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