2 Pushing The Driving Shield Through A Metro Station

Pushing The Driving Shield Through A Metro Station

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In September, after they finished driving one of the tunnels, they had to move the Herrenknecht driving shield to the opposite end of the trench. So, the shiled had to pass the almost completed metro station. Let’s see how they did it.


Herrenknecht S-402. Vystavochny Tsentr Metro Station. Kiev. 2-9 September, 2011.

The following day.

Let’s see what’s inside. On the left there is a lifting screw; in the center you see an erector arm tunnel driver (see it working in the timelapse video starting from 2:21).

Installation of another block (the shield moved only by its own thrusters).

The thrusters set against the blocks for the shield to push itself forward.


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2 Responses to “Pushing The Driving Shield Through A Metro Station”

  1. jeffrey pigden says:

    I find it interesting to see a TBM after use. Usually, they are hidden in a construction site & can’t be seen.

  2. butts says:

    would be a lot more exciting if they showed the drill doing what it was meant to do. yanno. drilling. instead of just pushing it a few feet

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