6 In Search For A Meaning Of Life At A Modern Art Festival

In Search For A Meaning Of Life At A Modern Art Festival

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This is the mind of the universe, according to the participants of the modern art festival ‘Archstoyanie’ which is held in Nikolo-Lenivets Village once a year. Let’s see what else they have there!

A golden calf.

This looks like a hat, doesn’t it?

Here’s a photo with a person for you to see how big it is.

Kids playing a game.

This would be a perfect set for a fantasy movie!

A piece of the mind of the universe.

A view from the bottom of a draw well.

Most of the works of art are made of natural material and are not disassembled after the festival is over. That’s why here you can find expositions from past festivals.

A double-headed eagle.

‘Archstoyanie 2007′.

A cone wall.

This is a house with 200 thousand holes in its walls and roof.

There is a church nearby. It was built in 1802 and is currently under reconstruction.

Wooden animals.

This is a lighthouse.

An ear for you to sit in and listen to the nature.

Is it a suntan?

In a doughnut cafe. These are drawings left by its visitors.

In a nearby village.

No village can do without cats.

And kittens.

In the village, you can find a piece of modern art too.

‘Archstoyanie 2011′.

Location: Nikolo-Lenivets Village

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6 Responses to “In Search For A Meaning Of Life At A Modern Art Festival”

  1. Taisto says:

    Hardly modern. It’s more like slavic primitivism.

    • Sean says:

      Agreed. It’s more retrospective, kinda like trying to reconstruct the historical and cultural identity. Very reflecting into the past. Russia as a nation is trying to restore the very roots of its culture, the cultural references beyond the disturbing times of its history that begin with Peter I. After that Russia was so much transformed that no one can recall the proto-cultural background of the nation.
      Primitivism is a good choice to do that.

  2. geoff says:

    Life has one meaning or purpose. That is to understand what happiness is and how to achieve it. To express ourselves through art is a very good step. I believe we see the spirit of the artist in their work.

  3. (r)evolutionist says:

    Looks like Nature does better art than man?

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