5 Ski Resort Of Yaremche

Ski Resort Of Yaremche

Posted on December 9, 2011 by

The city of Yaremche, is one of the tourist cities of Ukraine and let us show you why.

So, what’s so good about Yaremche?

For example, its berries. In August, they sell blackberries at every corner for nothing!


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5 Responses to “Ski Resort Of Yaremche”

  1. Corvin says:

    nice place… and the Ukrainian food (and vodka) tastes good to me

  2. CZenda says:

    “The view from the balcony is so beautiful!” Yeah, everybody goes “wow” after seeing the plaster-of-paris animals, rotten Ladas and the piles of sand.
    But seriously, crossing the border to Ukraine is such ordeal that I will not go there again unless they get rid of the bribe-begging custom officers and policemen.

  3. Ivo says:

    By the way what you refer to as “mush” is just a different form of polenta, it is simply less firm than the Italians cook it.

  4. Tolka says:

    “There are always some tourists on the bridge because it is the only way to the waterfall.”
    Its not actually true, there are many ways to reach the waterfall. Easyest one is to walk on the side of the road leaving town and cross railroad before waterfall, you will see the place. Usually its the local people who walk on these bridge becouse its a bit shorter then wolking along the road. they are too lazy..
    I have been in Yaremche 2 times and some day will be here again.. Its nice place to relax, just chill, think of everything and enjoy the view. It have some nice bars and pubs but its not for party people. But 1-3 Jule there are international motorcycle fest here, named Wild Fire :)
    And there are much cheaper and better hotels here, price and quality are much better in place like these for example:
    But I will recomend you a bit younger hotel but its also more luxury for the same price, also location are pretty same.
    Bribe begging police and customs.. yeah they are still here but you must do better homework before you go there.. In every border there are some infotables with phone number and info writen in many languages. This is the phone you may call if you have bribe problem, or just tell the police that you have it and will use it.. Make sure that you remember police car number also.
    The most problems on the border is caused by poland-ukrainian smugglers (is it right word?) who transport stuff from poland to ukraine and back. they just fill the place and let “own” cars go before them, so if you was 3rd car before border, thanks to them in 10 seconds you will be 10 car.. Custom officers dont deal with it- corruption, but dont forget where you are going :)
    I have ride across Ukraine on car and motorcycle and have some friends here, so if somebody is planning a motorcycle trip here I can give some useful information.
    just ask me..

  5. akira says:

    I was there last summer, its a nice place with a lot of beautiful hilltops and a park nearby. The waterfall is quite ok. You have to try Carpathian grapes and samohon in a local restaurant. There is also a restaurant where you can catch your own traut and eat it

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