6 Those Were Buildings Not Earthquakes That Killed People

Those Were Buildings Not Earthquakes That Killed People

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Let’s recall year 1988 and the Spitak Earthquake which happened that year in Armenia. The point is that the buidings they were constructing during the ‘stagnation’ era of Leonid Brezhnev were supposed to be quakeproof but in fact support structures of apartments and other buildings were very poor. So when the earthquake happened, at least 25 thousand people died in ruins.

The earthquake hit 40 % of the territory of Armenia, densely populated region with 1 million people. 21 towns and 342 villages were destructed, 514 thousand people were left without shelter, 20 thousand people were injured and 12500 people were hospitalized. Number of victims was about 25 thousand.

Each year on December, 7th, Armenian people remeber those who died in the earthquake.


6 Responses to “Those Were Buildings Not Earthquakes That Killed People”

  1. Zonda says:

    I’am not an expert, but can be seen clear the non vibrated concrete, missing calipers, missing poles… too pity for the taken lives. RIP.

  2. Mariel says:

    Too sad

  3. John says:

    More people than were killed in a magnitude 9 in Japan, even with the added destruction of a tsunami. That’s the difference between a well-run country like Japan with organization, high building standards, and a strong society, versus as shit-hole like Armenia.

    Learn from the Japanese, and learn to be like them.

  4. BostonBloke says:

    I remember when this earthquake happened. I was in High School in New Jersey. Our school had a large Armenian-American population. We raised over $4000 to support the relief effort.

  5. cockatrice says:

    Very little to no rebar holding that fine cement block together. And where you do see it, sized way too small. Unreinforced masonry is deadly.

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