8 Can You Afford A Luxury Plane?

Can You Afford A Luxury Plane?

Posted on December 8, 2011 by

This aircraft hasn’t always been like this. Produced in 1998, it belonged to the American ‘Continental’ and carried simple American citizens when the Russian air company ‘Transaero’ purchased it to turn into a luxury plane.

The plane is divided into four parts: economy class, premium class, business class and first class (if we compare it with regular planes). Apart from big comfortable leather seats, TVs, telephones, wall outlets, it has a large leather sofa and is equipped with WiFi. No golden lavatory bowls or emerald incrustations were found which is good.

Nevertheless, its rent is going to cost like several thousand dollars an hour, so no mere mortal will likely to ever experience the comfort of flying by it.

So, check out the photos.

via aleshru

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8 Responses to “Can You Afford A Luxury Plane?”

  1. JS says:

    Why are most Russian airliners EI- or VP- etc. registered instead of national RA? Something to do with taxes?

    • Labrat says:

      EI is the Irish designator, just checked the IAA register and EI-UNH isn’t on it any more and cant find the transfer date, but a lot of other aircraft in the EI-UN* series have been transferred to Transaero in the last 9 months from the Irish registry, all of the owned by different finance companies

  2. David says:

    They are Leased by foreign holding companies not Owned. The difference between Russia and America is that all of our luxury planes Gulfstreams, Citation Xs, BBJs, are registered in America

  3. Sergei says:

    I advise you to look more VIP aircraft Tupolev Tu-154 airline Alrosa (Diamonds of Russia). In cooler will be.

  4. yojimbo says:

    It looks like a regular layout with the addition of a larger and better than average luxury section.

    I never get why people spend the money on first class tickets on a short flight or even a long one for that matter it just seems foolish to me to spend all that money.I mean a fancy hotel that is a different story.

    I do not know much about what an average Russian airliner would look like.I visited St.Petersberg once but that was on a German airline and then I rode around on trains.I would imagine the normal layout is about the same as any other carrier.

    You should show a real luxury plane one that is decked out from nose to tail those are the ones the true wealthy fly on.My friends mother works for a company that designs luxury interiors for aircraft they have a lot of Arab customers all I can say is they put things inside these planes that many people do not have even in their homes.

  5. j pigden says:

    RA registered planes crash

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