3 One Cave Dweller

One Cave Dweller

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When in 2003, Victor Lyagushin, a certified set designer, took an underwater camera in his hands, he didn’t know that caves would become the passion of his life.

In the picture there is a cave named after Vorsonofeva. It used to be a lake many years ago.

Victor Lyagushin in a cave.

Ordynskaya Cave. Water in this cave is this clear if you swim very carefully and slowly.

Ordynskaya Cave. Without this rope, in the complete darkness, you’ll never find a way out!

Kungur Cave. It is huge! Look at that tiny man in the distance!

Kungur Cave. It used to be the bottom of the sea and now it looks like a pile of construction waste.

In the cave, Mansi people have installed their idol.

Limestone in Kizelovskaya Cave.

Speleologists, as a rule, don’t know what their caves look like becuase they explore them by touch. These are photographers who show caves in all their beauty.

Caves are a different world which you create by yourself by turning your light beam at certain directions.


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  2. the reader says:

    Crazy thing to visit a cave without helmet… (2nd picture)

  3. YJ says:

    Wow. Are those salt water?

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