8 Museum Of Water In St. Petersburg

Museum Of Water In St. Petersburg

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If you happen to ever visit St. Petersburg, make sure you’ll have time to go to the Museum of Water!

In this this article, we’re going to show you the main exposition, the history of the water supply system and the sewerage system and ‘Underground St. Petersburg’. So, let’s begin!

They used an old underground water reservoir as a room for the main exposition. The history of the water supply system and the sewerage system are shown in an old water tower. As for the ‘Underground St. Petersburg’, you’ll find this exposition in a building next to the water tower.

‘Water Tower. Years of construction: 1859-1861′.

A fountain-column.

This sparkling water machine is working!

To see all of the museum, you’ll have to buy three tickets, one for each exposition.

An entrance into the reservoir.

It has a hi-tech style interior.

Each visitor receives a pillow in the form of a water drop to sit on during the tour.

A turn bridge model.

This construction shows the level of water in St. Petersburg. On each piece of glass there is a sticker with a year on it.

A hand pump.

On these screens, they show movies.

A monument to the rain. Touch the handle if you want to make your wish come true.

With this globe, they show the amount of water on the planet.

A water crystallization experiment (kids are so exited!).

Old bottles.

The Möbius band.

Water structure.

Old fishing devices.

These are just photos. In the museum you’ll see much more!

Part #2. We’re in the water tower.

There are different installations here which show the history of the water supply system and the sewerage system.



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8 Responses to “Museum Of Water In St. Petersburg”

  1. xoxo says:

    cool museum.

  2. Testicules says:

    I hope they have cameras on those manhole covers. Someone might steal them.

    • (r)evolutionist says:

      You haven’t lost your irony. Russia has a monument to rain. The U.S. has a monument to pain: it’s Wall Street.

      • Hirsh says:

        Soviet Union had plenty of monuments to pain too. They were everywhere. Statues of Comrade Lenin and Stalin to name a few. ;)

  3. j pigden says:

    That’s what a museum SHOULD look like!

  4. (r)evolutionist says:

    Life on a Mobius strip is a pain in the neck.

  5. Mariel says:

    Very Interesting, thanks!

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