5 Private Moon Project

Private Moon Project

Posted on December 6, 2011 by

Russian artists Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov created a fantastic world illuminated with the moonlight where they tried to convey relations between the man and the Moon. This is a romantic story about a man who met the Moon and decided to stay with it forever. They named the installation ‘Private Moon’. Check out the photos.


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5 Responses to “Private Moon Project”

  1. terminator says:

    best article on englishrussia since blacking out boobies?

  2. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    Very nice pictures :-D

  3. Laran says:

    very beautiful and deep artistic view. and beautiful pictures too.
    Congratulations to the artists !

  4. Alexandra says:

    You absolutely made my day with this. Congratulations and thank you for making me happier. Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. art lover says:

    Very creative of them and thoughtful as well, congratulations.

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