18 Chingachgook Meets A Russian Indian

Chingachgook Meets A Russian Indian

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In the Orenburg Region, there is a ranch which looks like a set of a Western. The owner of all that is Oleg, 48, a local Russian Indian.

He works at a private horse club taking care of its horses. He loves his job which is at the same time his hobby. His life is that of a real American Indian, with a cowboy hat, a bow, a horse and a dog named Fox. His life changed when, in the 70s, he saw the movie ‘Chingachgook, the Great Snake’. After that, he fell in love with American Indians and everything related to them. At age of 10, he went in for equestrian sports, archery and athletics.

Now, he easily hits a pack of cigarettes from a 20-meter distance.

He gave up equestrian sport, which he was rather successful in, because at some point he realized that it had nothing to do with Indians. So did his wife Svetlana. They both exchanged their sporting careers for love and care for horses.


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18 Responses to “Chingachgook Meets A Russian Indian”

  1. MartinCZ says:

    What a nice and peaceful living. I also ride horses and in future I try to aim my life to point shown in this article. I definitely want to visit them (when I improve my russian speaking).

  2. AK862 says:

    Ummm….smoke always goes up (thats for the comment “pipe is designed in such a way that smoke always goes up”)

  3. yojimbo says:

    What tribe of Indian is he supposed to be then? I am 1/4 Cherokee but this guy is not wearing any type of traditional style dress worn by any Native Tribe in the US.

    He looks more like a frontiersman than any native.Also many tribes did make use of horses which came from Europeans.True they did not do sports with them but natives did make use of them.

    That is not a piece pipe either not ever close.

  4. Meteora says:

    Guys, you should check and write an article about this guy http://indenai.lt/EN/
    He is not from Russia but from Lithuania, however, he is much more into indian culture than Oleg!

  5. CZenda says:

    It seems Gojko Mitic was enormously popular in USSR and Ostblock, but I do not remember a single movie with him. What I remember is Pierre Brice as Vinnetou and Lex Barker as Old Shatterhand ;)

  6. YJ says:

    Indians living with their traditional life style is non-existent in modern day America. The only glimpse of their past is in museums.

  7. OldBikr says:

    I am glad he is able to live as he does. He needs to get in touch with the Lakota tribe and learn that indians can and do enjoy horses.

    They were the finest light cavalry in the world and survived to fight another day by avoiding battle with superior numbers. Best likened to plains guerilla fighters, they depended on surprise and speed, rather than on brute strength. It was this tradition translated into rationale that convinced the army leadership that holding the Lakota to fight after once finding them (they seemed to have an uncanny knack of melting away before battle could be joined) would be the difficulty. (On The Rosebud)http://www.military.com/forums/0,15240,86190,00.html

  8. (r)evolutionist says:

    “Orenburg is OK”

  9. texas1 says:

    I came here expecting to see pictures of Putin stuffing a ballot box and all I get is some Russian who thinks he knows what it takes to be a Texas cowboy. :(

  10. Smiley :) says:

    Hey texas1 where is Nicholas II

  11. robin yates says:

    he loves what he does which is good,, be yourself and enjoy life

  12. Daniel says:

    It’s good that he and his wife care for horses, but his “Indian” lifestyle is not authentic. No American Indian ever had a recurve bow like his and Indians didn’t have saddles or stirrups.
    But, it’s harmless fun, and it looks like he can afford to do whatever he likes.
    That’s called freedom.

  13. Emperor Norton says:

    Indian??? Were is the man’s tribal casino and hazards waste dump???

  14. Two Strikes says:

    Being 1/2 Lakota, I find this amusing. Saddles, recurved bows, and that type of pipe are no means Native American. I have met many Europeans traveling to my reservation for our powwows. Usually from Scandinavia. Rosebud Reservation is a beautiful place, but with a broken spirit.

  15. Hirsh says:

    These photos look familiar. I’m absolutely certain i’ve read about Oleg before, most likely here on English Russia.

  16. stolichnaya says:

    He looks like a very interesting man, with a passion for life.

    Unfortunately, his romanticized version of the N. American Indians has little to do with reality.

    I live in Western Canada and there are lots of Cree, Sarcee, and Blackfoot people here. Many of them live in poverty and are struggling to have a decent life.

  17. komar says:

    Gojko Mitic was enormously popular in USSR and Ostblock filmtitle : “Chingachgook die grosse schlange” DEFA film of GDR (east germany)these films the are created of history of indians nativs and not of phantasy by west film:-((

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