15 Secrets of Sausage Production

Secrets of Sausage Production

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Many of us like sausages but just a few know how they are made. Now it’s time to find out!

We are at a sausage production factory. Here, they distribute special coats and caps among visiters to put them on.

The production manager. He’s going to show the production process.

Visitors must go through a super up-to-date disinfection system.

For the turnslite to open, one has to wash his/her hands with liquid soap from the soap machine.

Here your hands get sprinkled with some disinfectant.

A lab.

Here they check meat.

They also check produce made by each shift to find out if they can put it into the market.


Workers have to separate meat from bones.

This worker has a chain mail on because he is the one who cuts carcasses and it’s dangerous because he may accidentally cut himself .

This machine separates veins from the meat which it makes mincemeat of.

Many people wonder why sausages are cheaper than meat. Here’s the answer: it’s ice. No sausage can be made without ice which also lowers its price.

Mixed mincemeat is delivered to a packing department…

Where from the cone it gets stuffed into veins. This is the way they make sausages.

These machines revolve kneading the meat inside.

A smokehouse or a heat chamber.

Vacuum packing.

Shrink-pack is shrinking in the shrink oven.

Sausage prepacking.

Finished product. Temperature: from 0 to +6 degrees Celsius.

Smoked delicacies.

In the semi-finished product department. Surprisingly, but pancakes are made by hand.

Meat pancakes.

Pizza foundations

They add real eggs in their pizzas.


With this thing, they make cuts in them.

Each maker makes up to 40 kg of stuffed products per day on the average.


Stuffed cabbage rolls and peppers.

Location: The Samara Region

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15 Responses to “Secrets of Sausage Production”

  1. Old Dawg says:

    That was pretty interesting, I knew how sausages were made but it was really cool to see these products are made from scratch with real ingrediants! The only downfall was seeing the stuffed cabbage, one of my favorites and hard to find where I live.

  2. Io says:

    Otto von Bismark said: “They are two things that’s better don’t know how is made: laws and sausages”.
    :-) :-) :-)

  3. Finnish says:

    Great article, thank you! I like these factory posts.

  4. Sean says:

    I am so glad they really put meat in those sausages. In US only super-druper organic market (perhaps a local one) would guarantee you the sausage you buy contains some meat, not aromatized soy.

  5. Graham from Dublin says:

    The ice is added to the sausages because the chopping blades get hot so the ice helps stop bacteria growing in the meat.

    I looked that up myself on google!

    As regards what makes sausages cheaper, well, who knows what gets put in when the cameras are not around!

  6. Ivan says:

    Pretty much home-made!!!

    Wonder how those hand made dumplings taste…

    • Scrat says:

      I’ve eaten a lot of those different dumplings and they’re all good. There are some you can get in Moscow just about anywhere that has a meat and cheese variety. I’m sure they were the real reason the Germans attacked the Russians. They come in a blue package but I can’t remember the name.

  7. Zonda says:

    … animal fat and rind, sodium glutamate, Xanthan and guar: E-415, respectively E-412. Don’t let you be fooled by pictures. If 20 years ago, a surgeon operate one patient with colorectal cancer in a few months, now days the same doctor may have 2-3 such operations per day.

  8. Ivan says:

    Why are the mod’s deleting my comments???

    I didn’t say anything remotely inappropriate or out of the theme!!!

  9. scart says:

    damn! they are touching it with a bare hands!!! i will never buy it anymore!

  10. OldBikr says:

    People who enjoy sausages and laws should never see how either one of them are made! Kaiser Wilhelm

  11. mooo says:

    I love pelmeni so much!

  12. Boris smith says:

    I have hear many view about sausage Production.

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