24 A City That Does Not Exist

A City That Does Not Exist

Posted on December 4, 2011 by

This is a small city somewhere in East Germany. Its citizens abandoned it long ago and these are just tourists who sometimes come visit this place…


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24 Responses to “A City That Does Not Exist”

  1. ok4u2buFAN says:

    what is the name of this city? how do you get there?

  2. Jonas says:

    In Germany this city is called “Bielefeld” :D

  3. Zonda says:

    I was ready to shout at you ER, but I finely read last words… Nice studios!

  4. BlowME says:

    Wow, this set looks very well prepared, decorators did very good job!

  5. Gorky says:

    It was build as a WW2 Movie-Set as you can clearly see . After about 60 years some plants would have been grown dont you think ?!
    Looks like it was bombed yesterday .

  6. Schnick says:

    Simply, go into the Mosfilm studios.
    It’s in Moscow.

  7. Y5K says:

    People seem to be getting more and more interested in something abandoned or the world after apocalypse. We should figure out why.

  8. Henry says:

    The car should have given you a clue that something is not right !!!!

  9. probably says:

    Probably a movie set.

  10. George Johnson says:

    The car should have been the first give away. There’s no way that car would STILL be there after the war, either rusted out, or taken and rebuilt.

    Looks very good though, very realistic.

  11. Ivan says:

    Excelent for soft-air games!!!

  12. yojimbo says:

    You can tell that this is a movie set after just a few pictures.Not to say that is a poorly done it will look very believable in a film but if you are there in person or looking closely at pictures you can tell that the structures have no interior they are facades.

  13. ptc says:

    New job for computer graphics – deleting all skyscrapers on the background. Or dont film the sky…..

  14. captain obvious says:

    @ok4u2buFAN; RTA it’s not a real city. All you had to do to realise this was look at the car, awning cloth, and the lack of vegitation. These are obviously “It is a set…” Have a nice day. :)

  15. Movie masterpieces were filmed at those studios.

  16. Bobble Hat says:

    That is a magnificent piece of work, the detail is amazing!

  17. popalumi says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha!Ce teapa am luat.Am crezut ca sunt ramasite din al 2-lea razboi.

  18. Photographer says:

    That can not be! Unbelivable! Ready set for Tarkovsky’s Stalker!!!

  19. Thomas says:

    What movies where made there???

  20. T says:

    You could tell from the first picture its fake. Rubble does not add up to where it should and should not be. Some places, there is simply too much of it and question remains, how some piles can form if there are no destroyed walls nearby.

  21. Tolis says:

    At photo 8 the sign that writes Apotheke (Αποθήκη), is the warehouse in Greek !!!

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