32 Cars And Motorcycles Of The Future

Cars And Motorcycles Of The Future

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Mikhail Smolyanov from Moscow makes concept cars and motorcycles designs which are getting more and more popular abroad. Check out some of his works.

‘Congratulate You On The Great Victory’.

The Spirit of Victory. It was made in honor of the victory of 1945.

The Spirit of Victory in black.

The Spirit of Victory HR. 6 cylinders and just one seat.


The Steampunk Style v.1.


The Steampunk Style v.2 final.

The Steampunk Chopper ‘Black Widow’.

The GAZ 51hr.


The C-Org. Some of the component parts of this concept can be grown from organic substances. Later, after an implantation of hardware parts and a special treatment, the construction will become firm and very light.

The UAZ 452. Modified… a little bit.



The s BBT. V8 with a mechanical supercharger. The concept has no dashboard. All information is shown on the screen of the helmet via wireless technology. The rear wheel is double. Equipped with a chain drive.


The GL-1m. The project was designed to order of A. Bushuev  who made a replica of the GL1 automobile and who is going to design the GL-2. Initially, they were going to create a motorcycle matching the car GL-1.


The ARX-4 Steampunk.


Location: Moscow

via solifdesign

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32 responses to “Cars And Motorcycles Of The Future”

  1. Mark-NL says:

    Too bad none of the above exists, those are just 3d renderings

  2. Galitsin says:


  3. Verto says:

    Very impressive designs ! ! ! ! ! ! !specially the “fusions” ! ! ! ! ! ! !classics with future concepts ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. Gustavo says:

    These pictures are amazing! This is post-modernism, isn’t it? Thanks from Argentina

  5. banditrider says:

    I want the reverse trike, the steampunk bike and the car at the end. And somewhere to keep them.

  6. ClaudioM says:

    Insane, specially the Steampunk ones.

  7. TrulyRestlessSoul says:

    All these “Photos” are 3D images. Is there any real photos of bikes/cars actually being built. Beautiful never the less though. But I would like to see real pictures

  8. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Some good ones, some weird ones.

  9. R says:

    Form prevents function in too many of these.

  10. Hirsh says:

    Just a bunch of imaginative concept ideas rendered in 3-D. I’ll be impressed when he builds something i can touch.

  11. robin yates says:

    the tricycle I liked but the others, 2 wheelers I did not, way too futuristic

  12. EngrishBob says:

    And the science of aerodynamics just took a 50 year back step.

  13. alessio215 says:

    way to go! very very special designs, these days it isn’t easy to come with something new…
    I guess “Tron Russian stile”
    the wheel tecnology without central hub already exist and this opens a way for new creations 🙂

    • Tovarich_Volk says:

      Actually, that’s not a Russian style at all, a Swiss designer made a couple of concept bikes back in the late 80;s that lad the hubless wheels. Other than that, these take the design to a new level. –I like these a lot.

      • Hirsh says:

        Not only are hubless wheels not a new idea…but as you say others have actually built working vehicles with them, not just some 3-D model of it.

  14. Zonda says:

    Innovative design, nice ideas!

  15. Matthew says:

    genius or crazy, fantastic real art

  16. jermy says:

    i’m sure the guy who designed this has flunked mechanics of material…

  17. Alan says:

    The UAZ 452 looks an awful lot like a Dodge A-100 pickup truck that HOT ROD Magazine built back in the early ’70s. Very cool.

  18. Manvir says:

    Very quite ideas. I hope in future We will ride and drive it. I surprise to see this. Thanks

  19. Douglas says:

    Where can i get one of those cars.

  20. Patrick says:

    Great job on those vintage motorcycles!
    I love the ARX-4!

  21. bogdan says:

    Never in ROMANIA… When we will have roads for one of this, we will can Wish one of this!:)

  22. Jimmy Christopher says:

    The Bikes & Cars of the future should be exposed more to the youth & advertised broadly, so sporty people can plan their future dreams of purchase!

  23. Brian Paul Wiegand says:

    Wonderful art, absurd engineering….

  24. Ali Raza says:

    Never Gonna Happen

  25. Navalsrivastava says:

    This cars are wonderful

  26. Michael says:

    truly admired if even one of the exposed pictures exist – I would rather buy it no matter how much it cost me

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