16 Soviet Actresses Now And Then

Soviet Actresses Now And Then

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In Soviet Union, there were a lot of actresses whom all the women of the country adored and wanted to be like. Let’s look at them now.

Irina Alferova then…


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  1. IamI says:

    Real beauty never fades away! What a nice surprise after those modern plastic pseudo-beauty-pub-contest-winners with their pumped lips and boobs.

  2. Corvin says:

    some of them looking good now

  3. zero says:

    This is rather depressing.

  4. Uncledoh says:

    to editor of this article: where is inna churikova?

  5. Tippi-Simo says:

    Oh, pics of Yevgeniya Simonova in An Ordinary Miracle. Very nice!

  6. openeyed says:

    Women should be required to kill themselves after turning 50.

  7. YJ says:

    Some of them do have surgery done.

  8. yojimbo says:

    Galina Belyaeva what a cutie and she still looks pretty now.

    I am surprised they did not mention Yekaterina Markova she was in “The Dawns here are Quiet”.

    Olga Ostroumova is another pretty actress from the same movie.

  9. Ivan says:

    Terekhova can look like she wants, she is one of the greatest actresses of the country, Vertinskaya and Simonova alsou are great actresses, others just had their moment with their beauty

  10. mariel says:

    What beautiful women ….

  11. Bruskles says:

    Aw they aged very well only 3 looked kind of scary. Other wise they all looked healthy for their age!

  12. crf says:


  13. Bill says:

    WOW surprised or what!! Happens to us all

  14. Alper says:

    God bless Russian women for there beauty and kindness.

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