24 Missile Complex Yars In Operation

Missile Complex Yars In Operation

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Today we are going introduce the ground mobile missile complex (PGRK) ‘Yars’ to you. You’ll see it in operation, so it’s going to be interesting. Check out!

PGRK ‘Yars’ technical charasteristics remain classified information and the only thing which we know about it is the fact that it is comparable with the ‘Topol-M’ but more up-to-date. The RS-24 ‘Yars’ is a missile that is heavier than the current Topol-M (which can carry up to 10 independently targetable warheads). PGRK ‘Yars’ has better performance characteristics and improved safety system.

In the picture: Our ‘Yars’ is coming out.

Photographers are allowed to take pictures of the missile complex from certain angles only.

Its driver.

A crew member.


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24 Responses to “Missile Complex Yars In Operation”

  1. cro says:

    Wehicle is cool little truck.. how many HP does it hawe if its not top secret?

  2. JoE says:

    Why are the majority of these photo op’s so lackluster?

    Tommy guns?

  3. Hirsh says:

    Interesting choice of camo colors on the RS-24 Yars missile hanger… not sure what they are thinking? Looks like it would stand out no matter the time of year.

  4. ayaa says:

    Together with the Topol-M, these missiles are supposed to be able to make the european missile shield obsolete. Lets just hope we never have to find out whether they are right.

    • yojimbo says:

      Unless a Republican gets elected in the next US election then that missile shield is history anyway.I have always thought it was a waste of time and really only promotes nuclear proliferation.No shield will stop every missile so all one must do is make ever more MIRVS and decoys to overwhelm the system.Another weakness is that parts of that system where to be in Poland well with in striking range of Kaliningrad based Su-24s.

      And why place it in all the former Soviet bloc states like that when most Polish,and Czech citizens did not want this shield assets based in their nations? Be my friend please I want you to take all the punches for OK?

    • Otis R. Needleman says:

      I don’t ever see us fighting the Russians, or them fighting us. More likely we’ll join together against the Islamic threat.

  5. George Johnson says:

    There is only one “tommy gun”. And that’s the Thompson Sub-Machine-gun. AKA The Chicago Typewriter.

  6. Mercal says:

    Russia would not hesitate to use these on the United States.

    Russia = USSR

    USSR = Russia

    The same ole leopard just different spots.

    They will use these weapons one day, they are not doing drills for nothing…

  7. Matlok says:

    I think that Otis means Militant Islamic terrorism, possibly funded by other nations or parties, with the aim of destabilizing the balance of power in various regions of the world. I believe Chechnya, and the North Caucasus area are a good example, but I don’t know enough about whats going on, or where the separatist get their funding, to say for sure. What is your opinion ayaa? I don’t think Otis meant Islam in general though.

    • ayaa says:

      I hope so, because if you guys are going to wage war on over a billion Muslims, you are going to need a lot of luck.

      The Caucasian separatists get their funding from a lot of countries. The biggest donations were actually traced back to members of the Saudi royal family. Second is Turkey. I’m pretty sure Iran comes third (and yet they whine when we suspended the S-300 systems).

      A lot of people I know from Central Asia are Muslims. And apart from the fact that they decline drinks at bars, and disappear to pray a few times, there really isn’t much difference. My boss (I’m his security chief) is a Muslim businessman, but he and I get along just fine. I guess these are real Muslims, and I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t consider the religious fanatics to be Muslims at all.

      • Matlok says:

        I agree with you I’ve known a few, and they were fine People. Have you ever noticed that the ones who provide the money and support are never the ones to actually become martyrs? I’ve said it once, that if you give these men good paying jobs and a good future you wouldn’t have so much terrorism. BTW ayaa if you don’t mind, I have a question of my own: You mentioned a while back, that you were Pan-Slavic. What does that mean? If that is too personal, you don’t have to answer.

        • ayaa says:

          Panslavic means I want to see greater unity between all Slavic people, especially the Eastern Slavs (Ukrainians, Russian, Belarussians).

          If you look carefully, most Slavic countries will have either red,blue or white on their flags. For the Chechens its just a easier way of identifying Orthodox christians, because thats one other thing most Slavs have in common.

      • yojimbo says:

        It is good to see another person that is a reasonable person.Most people see one example of a group of people and assume that they are all the same.

        What you say about the funding is true it is not really regular Muslim people supporting any of these things it is a small number of powerful individuals.All part of the power game.I wonder sometimes why we fight the Taliban in Afghanistan yet we do nothing at all about the sanctuary given to them by elements inside Pakistan.More than likely it is because if we really did anything about that we would piss off the same people that fund the activities in your country.

        And the whole time the 99% of Muslims that mean no harm to anyone get all the hate and blame.

      • yagur says:

        Do like Israel,USSR or USA – just kill any muslims that you can see – everything will be clear in 10 years…No stinky green korans around, everything’ll go to recycling.

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