6 Get Rid Of Old Junk!

Get Rid Of Old Junk!

One of the distribution networks in Russia that sell different household appliances and electronics, offered to accept their customer’s old equipment that they didn’t need anymore. It was a wise marketing step to help its customers get rid of the old junk. So, this is a photo set of how they utilize and recycle it.


Trucks bring the old household appliances here and this is where everything starts.

Workers unload and sort everything out, separating plastic, glass and metal from each other.

The piles of old equipment look impressive. In Europe, recycling factories are rather profitable but in Russia they are not profitable because the only way of recycling that they use in Russia is melting.

Judging by these piles, it is clear that in general people in Russia have a better life than they used to. Soviet people never threw anything away and kept their unnecessary stuff at dachas (country cottages). Now, in a garbage heap, you can even find a bunch of LCD TVs .

Washing machines and fridges are turned into neat briquettes.

Owners of the old fridges don’t bother to clean them up. So, everything what was left inside, gets compressed too.

This is what the plastic from TVs and radio equipment turns into. They later use this material in the production of bricks and paving tiles. The same thing happens to screen glass which is later added to concrete mortar.

In this department they extract precious metals.


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6 Responses to “Get Rid Of Old Junk!”

  1. iii says:

    Nothing new here, in Estonia, for example, it is mandatory for every electronics store to take clients old appliances to recycling, when they buy new one. Russia still has a long way to go :(

  2. j pigden says:

    I’m surprised they don’t sort. In NA, we separate copper, aluminium, ferrous, etc.

  3. Sean says:

    “The small box inside the fridge” isn’t a freezer, the whole thing is not even a fridge. It’s a cell and tissue culture CO2 incubator used in biological labs.
    The “Vega 119 stereo” is a good machine. I don’t understand a need to try to put laughter upon Russia and its machines.

  4. Eric says:

    That cellphone is a DPC-550 from Motorola

  5. Secessit says:

    Fantastic antiques. Someone could open up an antique store and make a mint off of this stuff.

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