Super Jet 27
15 Another Russian Superjet

Another Russian Superjet

One week ago the third Superjet constructed in the Far East of Russia entered into service with Aeroflot. The
plane was named after Ivan Orlovets, a famous pilot of Aeroflot who tested the first jet aircrafts.
26 Russian Politicians Go Hunting

Russian Politicians Go Hunting

Hunting and politics. Nikolay II's hunting was similar to slaughter, Stalin set traps to catch Arctic
foxes, Brezhnev struck his head against rifle buttstock. Some Russian politicians being at hunting.
Cookery School 32
17 Food Made By Soldiers

Food Made By Soldiers

Last time we visited a Cookery School in the Moscow region. Have a
look through some other photos related to the same topic.
14 Champion Customizer

Champion Customizer

  Yuriy Shif is a famous Byelorussian customizer who designs
and constructs motorcycles and then creates their doubles.
9 Dubious Sculptures For Kids To Play With

Dubious Sculptures For Kids To Play With

When draftees were making these sculptures for children's playgrounds, they did not mean anything nasty (we hope so!). 
So, take a look at these masterpieces scattered around a small city called Teykovo in the Ivanovo Region.
21 BMW Pimped Into A Soviet Cabriolet!

BMW Pimped Into A Soviet Cabriolet!

It is pretty common for Russians to transform their old Soviet VAZs and 20-year-old foreign-made cars into something they think is cool and
attractive. Opposite situations are extremely rare and this is one of them! See this brand new BMW 6 turned into a Soviet-looking Pobeda!
5 First Oceanarium In Moscow

First Oceanarium In Moscow

On October, 28th in Moscow, they opened an oceanarium, which for now is the only one in the city. Enjoy its
designers' creations, such as a 'sky full of stars' and a glass floor, through which you can see fish swimming!

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