3 Aurochs Made of Auto Parts

Aurochs Made of Auto Parts

It took Roman just three months to make this aurochs out of automobile parts! The aurochs has a weight of more than one ton and consists of
automobile parts which has been found at scrap yards of Ozery Village. It's hard to believe but Roman has never seen a live aurochs!
8 Exhibition Of Handcrafted Items

Exhibition Of Handcrafted Items

The unusual and beautiful installations were made
by designer Alik Dovbysh. How do you like them?
USSR Jewelry 1
17 The Precious Map Of The USSR

The Precious Map Of The USSR

In 1937, the USSR astonished the world with its jewelry. At the International Exposition of Art and Techniques in
Paris, they presented a map of the Soviet Union, made of rubies, diamonds, amethysts and other gems.
6 Zhigulevskaya HPP, Part 2

Zhigulevskaya HPP, Part 2

Zhigulevskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant has alredy been the topic of one of our previous articles, but it's so big and
great that you'll never explore it all. So, let's continue the tour! In the picture: one of its cranes.
2 Wooden Mini Motorcycles

Wooden Mini Motorcycles

Vyacheslav Voronovich from Lvov has a very unusual hobby. He makes wooden mini copies of real motorcycles on a scale of one to twelve. He works with a simple stationery knife. The smallest
tool which he works with, is a drill with a diameter of 0.5 milimeters. For now in his collection there are five bikes: Honda CBR 1000RR, Suzuki GSX-R600 and three choppers.
17 How To Assemble A Jet?

How To Assemble A Jet?

Have you ever wanted to know more about  jets, to touch them and stay inside the
cabin? Today we'll visit a workshop where the mighty airplanes are assembled.
11 What Has Happened In Kiev?

What Has Happened In Kiev?

Do you have any idea of what has happened in Kiev?
Whatever it can be, the view is really beautiful.
4 Abkhazia And Its Wines

Abkhazia And Its Wines

They do love wine in Abkhazia and drink it every day. Abkhazians drink wine moderately because they know that they can have it whenever they want. This is the reason why they have no alcoholism there.
A lot of people grow vine in their gardens. Although they do not apply French techniques of wine-making, their wine still has a great taste, a special taste of good home-made wine.
13 How Does A Hadron Collider Work?

How Does A Hadron Collider Work?

Today we'll have a look at a hadron collider of the Nuclear Physics Institute in Novosibirsk. Russian scientists from the
Institute of Nuclear Physics, located in the city of Novosibirsk, are trying hard to enhance LHC’s performance 100 times.
3 Military Fort A

Military Fort A

Fort A was built in 1911-1915, north of Brest Fortress, and is one
of the few fortresses of its kind left. Let's go check it.

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