Tank Brigade Training 9
28 Tank Brigade Training

Tank Brigade Training

On Novermber, 2nd in Naro-Fominsk, a demonstration of training of the reconnaissance company of the 4th tank brigade took place. The event was timed to the Military Reconnaissance Day, which they celebrate in Russia on November, 5th.
Reconnaissance parties are very important for the army because they provide it with information. That is why soldiers should be ready for anything, such as shooting, fighting, firing mines, throwing knives, making an ambush, etc.
34 The Lucky Tu-154

The Lucky Tu-154

It was an unbelievable luck that on Septermber 7th, 2010, the crew of the plane carrying 72 passengers on board, managed to make an emergency landing on an abandoned runway near Izhma Village. Since then, the lucky Tu-154 has been called 'a miracle of Izhma'.
The company 'ALROSA', the second largest dimond-mining company in the world, which owns the plane, did not leave it in taiga but spent over 20 million rubles (65o thousand dollars) to restore it and make 'the lucky aircraft' fly again.
The Future Of Domodedovo 29
8 Domodedovo Aerotropolis

Domodedovo Aerotropolis

Let's make a journey to
Domodedovo, the aerotropolis of the
Civil Aviation 16
7 The Museum Of Civil Aviation In Ulyanovsk

The Museum Of Civil Aviation In Ulyanovsk

civil aviation in Ulyanovsk is one the largest aviation museums in Russia. It contains over 9000 exhibits including hundreds of originals. Read more...
What Students Eat 21
20 Cookery Art of Students

Cookery Art of Students

These are some photos posted by Russian students which
show each other what they eat. It's fun, take a look!
25 Revitalizing Chernobyl

Revitalizing Chernobyl

Architect Arina Ageeva believes that Chernobyl presents no danger to people anymore, besides, it has not been affected by presence of people, so its condition might have even become better. Arina
thinks it can be turned into a touristic zone with its monorail, leading to a 'Ukrainian Las Vegas', a new museum, and a natural reserve. Here's her project. Whould you go there?
9 Second Life Of A Bottle

Second Life Of A Bottle

Starting from 2012 in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, second bottling of alcoholic drinks and infant's food into glass bottles won't be allowed anymore. While
public organizations of the three countries are waiting for an explanation, let's visit a bottle pick-up center and see what's going on there today.
9 Nuclear Testing Ground 20 Years Later

Nuclear Testing Ground 20 Years Later

20 years ago they closed the nuclear testing ground in Semey, Kazakhstan and the younger generation living today knows about it only from their parents' stories.
These 20 years have shown that stopping testing nuclear weaponry does not necessarily mean that the destruction of the environment stops as well.
3 Steam-Punk Cell Phone Is Calling!

Steam-Punk Cell Phone Is Calling!

Turns out, if a talented guy has nothing to do after work day
after day, he may make such a Steam-Punk cell phone!
Socialistic Museum 58
18 Kazan Museum Of Socialistic Past

Kazan Museum Of Socialistic Past

The socialistic museum in Kazan reminds all former Soviet citizens of the
way they used to live some time ago and of the time that ceased to exist.

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