12 Kazakh Diaspora In Turkey

Kazakh Diaspora In Turkey

Over 20 thousand Kazakhs live in Turkey today. The Kazakh diaspora in Turkey originates from the migration wave of 1930, when 18 thousand Kazakhs moved to
India and Pakistan, and later in 1952 they moved to Turkey. The migration was caused by different reasons: political, economic and religious.
3 Let’s Fly Over Novosibirsk

Let’s Fly Over Novosibirsk

Beautiful photos of roofs in Novosibirsk
that were taken in autumn 2011.
Kiev Battle Reconstruction 9
10 Remembering The Sacred Wars

Remembering The Sacred Wars

Two battle reconstructions to remember those who died in WWII and WWI, took place recently. The first one was held near Kiev, as a celebration of the anniversary of liberation of Kiev in
1943. It's the 8th time that they reconstruct the legendary battle.  Over 1500 people from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, the Czech Republic and Lithuania took part in the event.
8 Secret Laser Devices Of the Soviet Union

Secret Laser Devices Of the Soviet Union

In the beginning of 70s military leadership of Soviet Union had a great interest in laser weapon
development. Laser equipment was planned to put in space platforms, stations and aircrafts.
2 Chkalovsky Military Airport Base

Chkalovsky Military Airport Base

Chkalovsky Airport is situated 15 klometers away from Moscow Ring Road. Valery Chkalov
was the first pilot to land a plane there in 1932. It was a bomber TB-3 #311.
7 Kurban Bairam 2011, Part 1

Kurban Bairam 2011, Part 1

We have already told you about Kurban Bairam, a traditional holiday of the
Muslims. This time we want to show you the way they celebrated it this year.
16 Nostalgia For Soviet Canteens

Nostalgia For Soviet Canteens

Soviet canteen! Practically anyone under the age of 30 understands what it means. Beginning from semolina with clots in kindergarten, biscuits and cakes at
school, student canteen (any joy, there may be tainted cutlets or nourishing and delicious food) and rather good canteen at the workplace.
7 The Bolshoi After The Reconstruction

The Bolshoi After The Reconstruction

It took them 6 years and over 700 million dollars to reconstruct the Bolshoi Theater and you could read about it in
one of our previous articles. These are some more photos for you to check and let's begin with the lighting:
Moscow Intourists 7
29 A Photo Tour To The Soviet Past

A Photo Tour To The Soviet Past

Thousands of tourists from the West visited Russia in 1960 and all had a camera with
them. But only a couple of similar photos can be found on the Internet today.
Nizhny Novgorod Now And Then 1
11 Nizhny Novgorod: Now And Then, Part 2

Nizhny Novgorod: Now And Then, Part 2

We've already told you about Nizhny Novgorod and changes which it has undergone.
These're more pictures for you to check: In the picture: The Palace Of Pioneers.

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