3 Tolmachevo Airport: Landing Of Boeing 747-8F

Tolmachevo Airport: Landing Of Boeing 747-8F

Posted on November 30, 2011 by team

Tolmachevo Airport is the only operating passenger airport in Novosibirsk. Kernel port of regional and international air traffic. This airport has become the first Russian airport that received the largest commercial cargo aircraft Boeing 747-8 owned by Luxemburg airlines “Cargolux”. In connection with this event official spotting was conducted. It had begun 3 hours before the aircraft landing, so at the beginning are some morning traffic photos.

A view of the Airport.

Loading luggage in Airbus A321 “Aeroflot” airlines. The aircraft is called in honor of composer A. Skryabin.

“UTair” airlines Boeing 737-524 and “Transaero” airlines Boeing 737-400

Airbus A319. “Rossiya” airlines.

A huge cargo aircraft McDonnell Douglas MD-11F of “Aeroflot” airlines

Wing spread: 52 metres. Length: 61 metres.


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3 Responses to “Tolmachevo Airport: Landing Of Boeing 747-8F”

  1. YJ says:

    I was hoping to see some rare Russian Aircrafts.

  2. Kent of Sweden says:

    More than once this is referred to as “the largest cargo-plan….
    What about the Antonov 225 “Miria”

  3. yojimbo says:

    Actually the 747 is the largest western civil cargo plane and only two aircraft are larger the C-5 and the An-124 the An-255 is a one off design only one was ever made.

    Funny story related to the 747-400 though. Evergreen International flies them to Ramstien AB Germany all the time and they parked them in the same area that I worked the flight line in.I was driving one of the trucks showing this fresh boot how to operate on the flight line and all the dangers. I see this Evergreen 747-400 start to taxi so I see the perfect chance to show this boot how far away you need to be from the jet wash. Well this 747 really hit the throttles and came out in a hurry and one crew chief was still too close and started to run away but was too slow so he got into a ball to protect himself and got blown about 150 feet we could do nothing but watch. He was OK though the jet wash sort of pushed him a few feet up into the air and he just floated. He was roughly 100 ft behind the tail when he got picked up by the wind speed.

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