5 Soft Drinks Production In Minsk

Soft Drinks Production In Minsk

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Have you ever wondered how they make products which you eat every day? This time we’re going to take you to the Minsk Soft Drinks Factory which produces juices, sodas and other soft drinks.

The factory was founded in 1966.  Today it is one of the largest soft drinks producers in the country. It applies the technology of ‘hot bottling’ which allows them to produce drinks with no preservatives.

In production, they use mineral and regular drinking water from springs located right at the factory. Here, they also bottle strong drinks made of artesian water only. Best ingredients they use in strong drinks production are brought from Germany, Holland, Poland and Slovenia. The factory has its own logistics system and distribution system embracing all regions and cities of Belarus.

The company boasts a lot of awards it received at international fairs.

It is very clean at the factory and most of the work is done by automation technologies. The only work the few human employees have to do here, is to control the production process with the help of different control panels.

They sell their produce in Belarus and export it to Russia and the European Union countries.


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5 Responses to “Soft Drinks Production In Minsk”

  1. George Johnson says:

    Why is that person in the first photo, sitting there taking a nap?

    I can’t believe people buy bottled water. Just get a filter/purifier, and fill a container yourself. You’ll save TONS of money, and help the environment.

    (I’m not an environmentalist, I’m all for drilling for oil. But this is a no brainer. It’s just not needed. It’s people buying something, because they think it’s better for them somehow, when it’s not)

  2. j pigden says:

    That’s the government inspector!
    Why buy bottled water? In Walkerton, Ontario, Canada, the two city employees who were supposed to be checking the water quality let 6 die & hundreds get sick before admitting they hadn’t done the checking!

  3. Mercal says:

    People always appear so depressed in Russia, compared to other European countries they at least smile.

    The oppressive regimes of Russia has brought about a disregard for general happiness overall.

    • Maxim Ч says:

      Mercal: It’s mostly a cultural issue. People think that smiling all the time makes one look like an idiot. This is changing slowly, but it’s a cultural thing. Some cultures don’t shake hands, they bow. It’s just a difference.

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