4 Works In the Moscow Underground

Works In the Moscow Underground

Posted on November 28, 2011 by team

Moscow metro passengers were upset when they tried to use metro on the 19-20th of November. Despite the announcements people forgot about construction work at this line.  And they will be probaly surprised again on the 26-27 th of November.

Moscow metro line between Belorusskaya and Novokuznetskaya stations undergoes changes. Serious construction works are taking place there and in November, on 19-20 and 26-27  the traffic  will be stopped.  Stations Mayakovskaya, Tverskaya and Teatralnaya will be temporary closed for passengers.

At Teatralnaya station there are a lot of special mats for under point switch tray.

These mats are being loaded on a cart and delivered to the workplace.


4 Responses to “Works In the Moscow Underground”

  1. DouglasU says:

    Maybe they should have put the rubber mats down first.[?]

  2. Biggestprick says:

    Maybe they should put you under a rubber mat!

  3. jorge says:

    parecen deficientes las medidas de seguridad, el personal trabaja sin zapatos especiales de seguridad, sin casco protector y sin la faja lumbar riñonera.

  4. buk says:

    Wonderful photos! Thanks a lot!

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