14 Rare Photos of WWII In Color

Rare Photos of WWII In Color

Posted on November 27, 2011 by

These are some rear color photos of World War II. Take a look!



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14 responses to “Rare Photos of WWII In Color”

  1. dolfi says:

    rusi de cacat,voi ca natiune ati pierdut razboiul inca din 1917.

  2. oernii says:

    Many of these have been obviously colorized

    • People's Commissar says:

      Looks like the only one that wasn’t was probably shot by an american. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a genuine colour photograph from USSR during WWII.

      • ptc says:

        Only color slide films were available in WW2 and they were very expensive. You can find many color slides from Americans and Germans, but almost none from Soviets. For known reasons, Soviet soldiers used only low quality black and white negatives, if they have cameras (usually only comissars and press have cameras Red Army)

  3. Marco says:

    Great picts!!

  4. Daniel says:

    Those photos were taken late in the war. The globe that the soldiers are pointing to once belonged to Hitler.

  5. Dave says:

    The only real colour photo is the last one. As previously mentioned, the rest are black and white photos that have been colourized.

  6. these aren’t rare i’ve seen them before probably on this website.

  7. j pigden says:

    The suggestion of colourization is hard to believe. Look at the range of tones and highlights within a single colour space. Look at the effects on the gun barrels and the destroyed city. If anything, the last pic was taken on American Kodak film which has different colour pigments.

    • orgo says:

      You should get familiar with possibilities of Adobe Photoshop, before trying to argue that color of photos is real (except last one).

      I’ve colorized some photos the same way some 5 years ago. Today possibilities are even greater.

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