24 Photos of Retro Leningrad Taken By Foreign Travellers

Photos of Retro Leningrad Taken By Foreign Travellers

These are photos of Leningrad taken from photo albums of foreign tourists who visited the city from the late 70s up to 1991. Some of them you might see on our website, here they are randomly collected in one post.

Rush hour in Leningrad.


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24 Responses to “Photos of Retro Leningrad Taken By Foreign Travellers”

  1. Ty-ty says:

    The last picture is appealing …

  2. geoff says:

    An excellent collection.

  3. VladimirIlyich says:

    Last picture shows the way Russia went after they abandoned our glorious Soviet ideology: youth gangs, mafia and reckless crime!

    • Hirsh says:

      Yeah because the Soviet Union never had problems with any of that under your beloved Soviet ideology. May i make a suggestion? Don’t believe everything you read. Especially when it’s all being published under the watchful eye of government editors.

      • ayaa says:

        Oh, you mean the US with its Patriot Act!

        The problems during Soviet rule were a lot less than after Soviet rule (for Russians, lol), so STFU about things you don’t know.

      • Epsilon says:

        They had those but a lot a lot less, I understand it is hard to accept it for the types like you.

    • lbytesxk says:

      The glorious Soviet ideology filled with corruption on an unimaginable scale that bankrupted the country
      You should be a comedian, maybe you are

  4. guest says:

    this is not vodka in an old man’s hand, this is soda or something else fizz

  5. George Johnson says:

    Interesting looking at the streets in these older photo’s. As big as they are, there’s hardly ever any cars.

    • Hirsh says:

      That’s what happens when you have unrealistic central planners making decisions for society at large based on ideology. Now all you see is cars parked everywhere they shouldn’t be, because they never planned for parking beyond the needs of a few.

      • Epsilon says:

        You expect 300 years old streets being built with cars in mind?

        • Sergey says:

          He’s talking about the streets of neighborhoods developed during the 60s and 70s. I lived in one for a long time and the proportion of cars to parking spaces was like 10 to 1.

  6. wef says:

    Pretty sure that’s Michael Palin in the farmer’s market picture.

  7. Uncledoh says:

    the picture that shows and old man drinking from a glass with the ironic description “Russians drink a lot. This may be vodka.” is just sparkling water or lemonade from those ugly soviet era public “vending machines” you can see behind.

    … sometimes i wonder if the editor of this website ever lived in USSR/RUSSIA.

  8. Hirsh says:

    Those vending / drink dispensing machines always blow my mind. They can’t possibly be hygienic and what stopped everyone from just taking the glasses home and starting a collection? Even the Soviet
    Union had it’s dishonest people, they’re only human too, heck the government was full of them! lol

  9. Hirsh says:

    “25th Congress of the Communist Party” – Wow that sign is over the top ostentatious for a socialist communist party meeting!

    • Hirsh says:

      Love the 2 girls in the blue and white dresses just below the sign. That’s some hip 1976 fashion Soviet style! Too cool. :)

  10. John says:

    I can attest to these photos. I lived in Leningrad in 1979, and when I look at the over 400 photos I have, I am also amazed at how big most of the streets were then BUT almost entirely EMPTY — no cars, hardly any people (Nevsky was sort of an exception)

  11. Theebeatnik says:

    Simply great.

  12. andy says:

    Nice collection – in my mind I was seeing Leningrad during the horror of the
    Nazi siege 1941-1944 as I watched the bright colors and good looking people – women NOT wearing blue jeans – and yes, how nice to see streets NOT choked with traffic. (yes, I drive a car, in Seattle)

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