19 New Modules Of Russian Soldiers

New Modules Of Russian Soldiers

Today we’ll see under what conditions soldiers of internal military forces see their duty.

Soldiers of internal military forces are people who guard safety of others every day, they patrol streets maintaining order during public events, detecting and arresting armed criminals.

The newest modules are intended to accommodate soldiers in the field conditions. Are they going to shoot the Cosmic Wars film here?

This the is the most modern polygon in the Primorsky region. They don’t use tents any more. The modules can embrace up to 50 people, they have electrical heating, a separate dining room and an  ammunition storage facility.

Right now 7 such modules are installed, 3 other modules will be mounted by the next year. Officers believe that soldiers need to devote all their energies during battle training instead of trying to survive in tents.

A dining room.

A tent can be used for 2 seasons only while the modules are exploited for 40 years.

A shooting area.

Learning how to use small-arm weapons.


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19 Responses to “New Modules Of Russian Soldiers”

  1. Gunaike Aner says:

    Kakaja eto vsetaki Propaganda…i v drugih stranah SNG takzhe naverno pokazyvajut ohotno novejshie Baraki….

    What this only is for propaganda scrap!!! Ant the same damn thing in all the former GUS contries, i pressume. OH, Look, we now have toilet paper….
    Instead of raise culture and education, they raise fashistoid regimes… great, that i emmigrate 16 years ago from that piece of dictatorship

  2. Mummeli says:

    Hummm, lately ER has been using that word ‘polygon’ alot, when talking about military groups – as i dont know what geometry has to do with them, what is the western equivalent for it?

  3. asdf says:

    Finnish Defence Forces have tents that last much longer. BTW why does the caption mention shotgun even though there’s no pictures of shotguns? The soldier in that picture is using PKM light machine gun.

  4. ayaa says:

    Yeesh. The VV commanders are losing their mind. How the hell do they expect to relocate the camp now, seeing as the VV are constantly on the move, and not just rotating.

  5. geoff says:

    “A tent can be used for 2 seasons only while the modules are exploited for 40 years”

    One is “Tent” the other is a “Building”. Like to see you pick that up and move it.

    • alessio215 says:

      those buldings are made of panels and I think they can be dismounted very fast.
      I think it is a good project and a better shelter against wind cold and most dangerous of them all “the wet”.
      I ve been a soldier and i know what wet clothes and tents can do.
      Ofcourse you need bigger lorries to carry the dismounted pannels, that can be a problem to reach more desolate area’s fast.
      But you still can combine them with thents.

      • Hirsh says:

        But if you’ve got to pour a concrete foundation and finish it with interior walls i’m not sure i get the point. May as well just build the building too at that point. they are obviously meant to be long term structures. It’s just a modular building technique. If they made the wall and roof panels straight they would probably be easier to ship to site too.

    • Mummeli says:

      “A tent can be used for 2 seasons only while the modules are exploited for 40 years”

      ‘One is “Tent” the other is a “Building”. Like to see you pick that up and move it.’

      Well, since you asked, although not from me, so sorry to interrupt..

      But if that’s the usual lifespan of tents in the Russian military, ie. 2 seasons, and then it’s discarded – no wonder they’re short of money.

      Like ‘asdf’ above said, FDF has used similar tents for about a decade, and they still do work fine. And before you start on the ‘building vs. tent’ part, we have a similar looking accommodations, but they’re tents, not buildings, ie. not hard plastic, but canvas, so i guess there’s your problem with them.

  6. Hirsh says:

    WTF Russian military calls those tents? Ring up a NATO or US supplier and order some of those bad boys up. :)

  7. Hirsh says:

    BTW those pods are really, really well camouflaged into their surrounds! lol

  8. aboniks says:

    So, what company makes those shelters? I want one…where can they be purchased? I see that they were at interpolitex 2011, but no name is available for the manufacturer? Anybody know?

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