16 Things That Must Not Be Forgotten

Things That Must Not Be Forgotten

The person has decided to preserve our cultural heritage by organizing a studio of digital piracy called Old Radio and violating copyrights of authors who have never hold demands against the manager.

His name is Yuri Metyolkin, and it took him 5 years to find, describe, reproduce, restore, listen, record, digitize and put the information on the Internet. Yuri collects everything he can find splicing 360 pieces of films from time to time.

He says he digitizes files all the time. He digitized the entire federal library in Moscow and it took him 3,5 years to do that.


16 Responses to “Things That Must Not Be Forgotten”

  1. hoerm says:

    wow! i am not alone! i live in the same world as yuri.

    collect analogue culture and safe it, man!

  2. dian says:

    dedicated person

  3. some1 says:

    yup.Save the analog.

  4. opticalsound says:

    “Stalin’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1)??” Not popular west of the Dnieper I bet!

  5. Ramon says:

    What is the URL of the Yuri Metyolkin’s archive? It is very interesting.

  6. raaa says:

    good job -from poland.

  7. moo says:

    i think this is his website its on his facebook. http://www.staroeradio.ru/

  8. Archy Bunka says:

    A true historian. Radio entertainment was a cool thing, you used your imagination. Many years ago my dad bought a compilation of old US broadcasts: The Green Hornet, Jack Benny, Ella Fitzgerald, The Lone Ranger, many others. Maybe, we should try go backwards it would be good for us.

    • Hirsh says:

      “Boy, the way Glen Miller played. Songs that made the Hit Parade. Guys like us, we had it made. Those were the days! Didn’t need no welfare state. Everybody pulled his weight Gee, our old LaSalle (a car) ran great. Those were the days! And you knew where you were then! Girls were girls and men were men. Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again. People seemed to be content. Fifty dollars paid the rent. Freaks were in a circus tent. Those were the days! Take a little Sunday spin, go to watch the Dodgers win. Have yourself a dandy day that cost you under a fin (five dollar bill). Hair was short and skirts were long. Kate Smith really sold a song. I don’t know just what went wrong! Those Were the Days!”

  9. Number says:

    Good Job,putting all content on the net,otherwise,it will fade away in the sands of time.

  10. Hirsh says:

    A good thing. I’m glad he’s doing it, but in the end everything is so ephemeral. Look back 100, 200, 400, 600, 100 years ago and look at how preciously few artifacts survive, and how little we know of everyone who has ever lived and died beyond a few generations ago. I’m not at all sure 300-400-500 yrs from now we will have done any better at preserving the bulk of today’s artifacts, literature, music etc.

  11. stolichnaya says:

    I have one word: TROLOLO! :)

  12. dsdsld says:

    We should give this man money and another 100 years to live!
    keep on doing this! the world needs more people like you!

  13. Kyle says:

    Good job! Look how meticulous he is! He is gotta be a Capricorn this guy! We need more people like this in our world otherwise it will be chaos with decadent culture

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