6 The Kazakhstan Of 1993 And 1994

The Kazakhstan Of 1993 And 1994

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After the disintegration of the USSR, independent Kazakhstan faced a lot of challenges it had to get over. We have already told you about events which happened in 1991 and 1992, and now it’s time for 1993 and 1994.

So, in 1993, they began introducing economic reforms into the country, such as turning citizens of Kazakhstan into potential shareholders and creating its own currency – the tenge.

On January 28th, they established the Constitution of Kazakhstan which later turned out to be the most democratic one. The country became a parlamentary republic and the Kazakh language became the state language.


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  1. Marco Go says:

    Thank you! as every day you post gorgeous picts that allow foreigners to peep in the real alma of Russian people. This is one of the best website I know. Congratulation!

  2. Matlok says:

    Sad times! The red head with the bread is hot though!

  3. Verto says:

    Well,in my view,All of the development of former Soviet “Istan” states goes to the Soviets. I mean big brother “Russia” ! ! ! ! ! ! !.their industrial,educational,infrastructure system and civilise attitude are just because of Russians ! ! ! ! ! ! !Russian “occupation” was bless for all “Istans” ! ! ! !

  4. Saddim says:

    Hmmm i am very glad that our mentality didnt change cause of those russians.Its wrong opinion thinking that Russian occupation is a bless for all istans,you’d better not joiking with that if u dont know real things.

  5. javox says:

    i guess he is pretty crazy….wasnt that a bless

  6. mango-packer says:

    that car without wheels is made in germany either an opel commodore c or a vauxhall viceroy in the UK, there were 15 registered viceroys in the UK as of 2006. was also made in australia as a holden commodore VB or VC.. odd for me to see it as i used to own a VB, had to wiki it as i wondered why an old holden would be in kazakhstan

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