10 The Largest Koran In The World

The Largest Koran In The World

Posted on November 24, 2011 by

The Qolşärif mosque located in Kazan Kremlin, was reputed to be – at the time of its construction – the largest mosque in Russia, and in Europe outside of Istanbul. Now they exhibit the largest Koran in the world there. Take a look!

The Koran al-Karim is largest Koran in the world made in Italy by the company ‘Reverra Ltd’ (2011). The book has a weight of 800 kg; measurements: 2 m x 1.5 m x 25 cm. It consists of 632 pages which have a weight of 250 g. The cover is incrusted with gold leaf, silver, malachite, jasper, turquoise, topaz, gold stone, etc. In May, they plan to transfer the Koran to the ancient city of Bolgar, Tatarstan, the place where Volga Bulgaria officially accepted Islam as a state religion 922.

Newlyweds are taking photos with the Koran.


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10 Responses to “The Largest Koran In The World”

  1. nazir says:

    I have no words to thanks Russia, its Government and peoples to give opportunity to see the largest Quran(by size). Is there any way to in side it.Thanks again.

  2. Number says:

    Damn that book is just as big as a bed,may i sleep on it,when on vacation overthere?

  3. dian says:

    Alhamdulilah, i can see a progress of islamic development in Europe. I’m from Indonesia

    • bublik says:

      and i see blowing up all religious stuff in the world

      bwt, stay in your indonesia, dont make the civilized people angry with your visage

  4. EngrishBob says:

    How big is the text?

  5. opticalsound says:

    Uh, a book that big ain’t gonna improve anything; doesn’t it belong in Las Vegas with all the other gaudy, copied things? I don’t mean to be disrespectful but “size doesn’t matter” right? Like those huge flags in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. I don’t get it…

  6. George Johnson says:

    I’ve always wondered what “God” needs with gold and jewels. The mosque you had just a few posts back had a lot of gold too. Many churches have the same thing.
    And I’ve been told (from people trying to get me to go to church with them) that Heaven is filled with the same thing. Roads paved with jewels, everything is made of gold etc….

    Why? (I mean I know the answer, it’s to appeal to the common man, “Jewels!? Wow! I’m going there!”)


  7. James says:

    jewels, gold, marble … anything religion can afford thanks to pilaging and stealing from the poor by selling them dumb stories and promises of afterlife, wheter is Quran, Bible or any other “holly” book, it’s all same fantasy so stupid and so fabricated that even children can (and they all do, judging by their innocent questions) see through it

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