7 One Of The Largest Locomotive Construction Factories In Russia

One Of The Largest Locomotive Construction Factories In Russia

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At this factory they produced a lot of things: steam, diesel and electric locomotives, tramcars, diesel engines, agricultural machinery, miliraty hardware, tanks, ammunition, ships, three submarines, and who knows what else!

Now, they produce diesel engines, electrical locomotives and diesel locomotives and this is what we’re going to show you.

In this department they make component parts for locomotives. It was built in 1863.

‘Kolomna Factory Turned 145!’

This stand depicts the history of the factory.

With this laser cutting machine, they make locomotive component parts.

Its control panel.

Metal cutting.

A lift device.

With this compression bender, they make parts with lots of curves.

They’re fixing something.

Hand welding.

When all parts are ready, they assemble, for example, the body of the diesel locomotive TEP70.


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  1. Iggy says:

    Great photos! Really nice looking and modern locomotives!

  2. ds says:

    The design could use some aerodynamica optimalisation.

  3. Daniel says:

    Very interesting. Russia very much depends on it’s railroads because of the vast distances and the weather.

  4. Gulgul says:

    Loooooooooove it!

  5. Pedro says:

    nice mushrooms

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