6 News From Russian Roads, Part 45

News From Russian Roads, Part 45

Could it be another revenge of workers?

Or was it done accidentally?

And here we have to deal with another carelessness of Moscow officials. Have you seen the roads that can be used by people with bad vision while walking? If the line is straight, you can go, if you feel there are dots on it, then stop and be attentive as a cross-road is nearby.

Let us compare the roads in Tokyo…

…with the ones in Moscow.


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6 Responses to “News From Russian Roads, Part 45”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    Everyone drives like their from Lebanon these days.

  2. robin yates says:

    someone did not know how to lay blind sensitive paving,, maybe they were blind also ?

  3. Zonda says:

    ” …the driver didn’t suffer at all”… “He only got a concussion to the brain and shoulder fracture.” That’s stated due to Russian standards of human suffering levels. :)

  4. Comrade says:

    “How could this be possible?”

    The answer is because it is VAZ. :D In case of a crash, car breaks apart and disintegrates. Driver wakes up in a middle of field with some injuries, which usually are not serious. :)

    • Kaputnik says:

      :-) Good, you saved me the trouble of posting “The guy either crashed his car into the tractor while going very very fast, or he was driving a Russian car at normal speed…” :P :)

  5. kostariko says:

    These roads are wonderful, comparing to roads in Latvia, and that country is in EU, this summer I drove there with my car, a thing, which I strongly don’t recommend. Unless you drive a full 4×4 off road.

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