4 Historical Sights Of Bakhchisarai

Historical Sights Of Bakhchisarai

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Salachik is a historical region of Bakhchisarai where the first capital of Crimean Khanate had situated up to 1532. Today Salachik with its historical sights is the outskirts of Bakhchisarai. Check out the photo coverage:

When they decided to move the khanate’s capital to Bakhchisarai, the rulers of the Crimea settled in a fortress at the foot of a moutain. And after they completed the Khan Palace in Bakhchisarai, the fortress was turned into a summer place. This place is often compared to the paradise from the Thousand and One Nights for its flower gardens, wooden summerhouses, its fortress, tower and madrasah.

The Mausoleum of Crimean Khans. The building above ground level was built in 1502. Under it, there is an older mausoleum. 18 members of the Khan dynasty are buried there.

The burial vault. During its restoration, they found remains of khans, wrapped in silk, then carried out necessary examinations, and put them back.

Golden ornate lettering at the entrance into the burial vault.

This religious building was built in 1500, and all the time up to the Soviet era, it had been the largest Muslim seminary in the Crimea.

In Crimean Tatar, its name means ‘chain’, after the chain which hanged above the entrance for visitors to bow their heads. Its severity is deceptive. They built the walls this thick to protect teachers and students from cold winds in winter and summer heat.

In the Middle Ages, each school was both a place where they studied and a place where they lived. So, students lived in relatively spacious rooms with fireplaces which was real luxury at that time it.

Fountains and saunas were an integral part of architecture of each Muslim capital.

At the expense of the Turkish goverment which allocated money for restoration and beautification of Salachik, its landmarks have been intensively restored lately; and after restoration they plan to beautify the region.


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