9 A Trip Over Two Ukrainian Cities

A Trip Over Two Ukrainian Cities

We have already described an extreme trip of several guys to three Ukrainian cities, which involved tall buildings climbing, subway trespassing and sleeping in the attics. Today we’ll go to another 2 cities of Ukraine – Odessa and Kharkov.

Welcome to beautiful Odessa.

The abandoned Russova House.

The Presbyterian church.

Odessa State Academical Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Odessa Hotel.

Local catacombs.

A winery.

The dome of the Central Post Office.

This is the shortest trainless subway in the world.


In the building they decided that Ukraine must be a part of the USSR. The first Constitution of the Soviet Ukraine was accepted here.

The subway.

This is a theater of musical comedy built in 1911 as the biggest circus in the world. It was burnt to ashes later.

Location: Odessa, Kharkov

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9 Responses to “A Trip Over Two Ukrainian Cities”

  1. Verto says:

    Repost with new captions ! ! ! ! ! ! !winery or underground bomb shelter in moscow region?

  2. shhires says:

    I like the place. looks old but really nice. you got a nice planking there too.

  3. ayaa says:

    My sister now lives in Kharkiv and I’ve been there. Really beautiful city. Except, of course, when its raining.

  4. Matlok says:

    A friend of mine spent a some time in both Kharkiv and Odessa. He loved it there, and brought home lots of fotos, beautiful cities, and beautiful women! Wish I could go!

  5. Jacek says:

    not an Ukrainian, though was in Kharkov and there is a lot more than tunnels and one crossroad. shame on you ER

  6. Sean says:

    No offense, but I think Odessa belongs to Russia-Ukraine, it cannot be just Ukranian. It was built by Russia by the highest decree of empress Catherine II, it was the major port installation for Russia and was developed as such by Russia and Soviet Union. It is a big strategic port.
    Odessa is a gem, a beautiful city, the true rival of Saint Petersburg, its spirit is light and joyeus, it’s the city of eternal optimism. It’s too bad that Russia let Ukraine go, it’s too bad Russia goes authoriatarian, Russia and Ukraine deserve better political structure, they deserve better economical management, Russia cannot survive without Ukraine. Many airspace institutes from soviet times are located in Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine are historically inseparable.

  7. Alex says:

    Dear Sean,
    Than, for example, Boston must be city of Great Britain, another empire that built it. USA must return it to GB! Because Boston was a great port of GB, it was wonderful resource base. Boston and GB are inseparable! Make some historical parallels and make conclusion.
    I wish you understand my arguments.
    With best regards,

  8. Josep says:

    Ah, I loved Odessa, beautiful city with some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen… Spent some time there with my wife, then went back to Chernivtsi, her hometown… which is not so beautiful.

  9. raj says:

    Kharkov and Odessa both are beautiful cities of Ukraine. i visited both cities, it was a great experience.

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