1 This Is How They Show Films In Kinodream Movie Theater

This Is How They Show Films In Kinodream Movie Theater

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This time we’re going to tell you how they show films in ‘Kinomechta’ (‘Kinodream’) Movie Theater. Welcome to the projector room.

Ticket offices.

It’s not that fancy from the inside.

Movies they’re going to show today.

So familiar to everyone screen.


‘Kinomechta’ is a network of modern movie theaters with high-quality Cinemeccanica projectors.

This is the way they receive films from film distributors.

‘Twilight 2′.


Each spool contains a part of the movie.

An assembly table. At this table, they combine all spools to receive a whole movie.

They wind the combined film around this wheel.

Combining parts of a commercial.

Old advertisements (Pepsi).

In fact, once they’ve shown it, they don’t need it anymore.

‘Johnny English’.

Old commercials.

They rewind the film from the assembly table around this movable table, and then it goes to the table near the projector.

Each projector can show up to four movies continuously.

There are four film projectors in the projector room that’s why a film can go from one projector to another, which means that the same movie can be shown in 4 showing rooms at the same time with a 2-minute time difference.

On the left there is a film projector, and there is a digital projector on the right.

he fi

The film comes to the projector.

It goes between the lens and the lamp.

Then it passes the sound head.


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