10 Home-Made Dumbbell

Home-Made Dumbbell

Posted on November 22, 2011 by

If you want to train but can’t afford buying a dumbbell in a store, don’t pull a long face! You can do it by yourself with the help of a wooden stick, a couple of nails, concrete, and a form. Here’s a step by step instruction for you to see:

via start-good.ru

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10 Responses to “Home-Made Dumbbell”

  1. tommo says:

    huh, not bad.

  2. ivan says:

    Nice floor!!!

  3. Hockeyplayer says:

    nice….but how the hell do you know what kaind of weight it is?

  4. zz @ ivan says:

    it’s cheap linoleum floor :)

  5. yojimbo says:

    You do not need to be Russian to make homemade dumb bells I have seen people in the US make them using cider blocks and water filled plastic jugs to name a few items.I have also seen the same as shown above but using plastic plant pots as the mold.

  6. Mr. Fox says:

    I think, he need something to wrap concrete.

  7. spiderplant says:

    or he could always paint and gloss them. with stripes and logos.

  8. Hans Peter Smallegoor says:

    And then wood turns out not being strong enough to support the weight so two blocks of concrete wreck both your knees at the same time…

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