3 A Visit To A Moscow Printing Office

A Visit To A Moscow Printing Office

Have you ever seen how newspapers are issued? You will get such a chance today while visiting a printing office in Moscow.

The entire industrial process starts with huge paper rollers.

Up to 20 rollers are spent on printing a newspaper every day.

Heavy rollers are fixed in such an appliance.

The paper is sent upstairs where one of several colors is chosen.

Then newspapers are cut and sent down.

Papers are checked for a defective sign.

This newspaper is claimed defective. It is not thrown away but sent for reprocessing.


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3 Responses to “A Visit To A Moscow Printing Office”

  1. JZ says:

    Reminds me of my summer practice at the city’s main printing offeice, only it was in smaller scale and the printing macines were a bit older.

  2. asd says:

    Is that machine made in russia?

  3. Dryland says:

    Great article and pictures. I guess noone really knows what happens in a printing office

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