3 Do You Want To Be A Skydiver?

Do You Want To Be A Skydiver?

Let’s visit an aeroclub in Minsk and see what it means to jump with a parachute.

If you decided to jump with a parachute get ready to be examined by a doctor who will measure your blood pressure. Then you will be asked to sign an application stating that you want to make a jump on your own will.


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3 Responses to “Do You Want To Be A Skydiver?”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    If that chick with the orange hair packs the parachute I am not jumping.

  2. zx10R says:

    “wannabe” and “wanna be: has 2 different meanings

  3. ayaa says:

    Why didn’t they jump in the storm. One of the best adrenaline rushes anywhere.

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