3 Do You Want To Be A Skydiver?

Do You Want To Be A Skydiver?

Let’s visit an aeroclub in Minsk and see what it means to jump with a parachute.

If you decided to jump with a parachute get ready to be examined by a doctor who will measure your blood pressure. Then you will be asked to sign an application stating that you want to make a jump on your own will.

People with bad vision, severe injuries to the legs, spine and other vital organs, chronic diseases of the respiratory tracts and hypertension won’t be allowed to make such a jump.

If a doctor finds your condition satisfactory, you will get a bright one-piece garment and shoes with a number on them.

You will be instructed on how to handle the parachute at the gym of the aeroclub.

Many sportsmen come to the club accompanied by their kids who use the sports equipment for games.

The sporstmen are shown how they must leave the plane. Be careful as next time the same step will be done 900 meters above the ground.

Jump from the tubes that are installed at a different distance from the ground and try to land following the rules.

Equipment is taken from the aeroclub to the field.

It is not easy to install the cone that is 4 meters long if the weather is bad.

Strong winds do not let to get exact results that is why the ground gets empty.

Sportsmen stay in their cars and wait for the wind to tail away.

Only kids who are elder than 14 years old can participate in tandem parachuting. Written approval of their parents is obligatory.

Clearing the field before the rain.

Everybody hides inside the bus.

Training the elements of free landing with the help of a special carriage.

The appliance lets to trace and shoot skydivers who perform acrobatic exercises in the air.

As soon as the sportsmen land, they examine their jump with the help of the monitor. They need to perform 6 figures such as spirals and summersaults.

Like anywhere else, the more you train the better results you get.

Location: Minsk

via  photopolygon

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3 Responses to “Do You Want To Be A Skydiver?”

  1. Archy Bunka says:

    If that chick with the orange hair packs the parachute I am not jumping.

  2. zx10R says:

    “wannabe” and “wanna be: has 2 different meanings

  3. ayaa says:

    Why didn’t they jump in the storm. One of the best adrenaline rushes anywhere.

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